Robert Campos









Robert Campos is an award-winning journalist, writer and documentary filmmaker.  As a staff producer for ABC News he covered the civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador.  For ABC’s PrimeTime Live he investigated contamination at the largest meat processors in America.  “Unkindest Cut” triggered a re-evaluation of a self-inspection plan that would have removed USDA inspectors from the meat processing lines.  His film about an underground colony of “sewer children” living beneath the streets of Bogota, Colombia, brought international attention and support to the “Children of the Andes Foundation,” which helped liberate street children from their squalor.   His investigation into the slave trade that brought young boys from Haiti to cut sugar cane in the Dominican Republic won a National Emmy, a Peabody Award, and a Robert F. Kennedy Award for journalism. Robert recently returned to his home, San Francisco, and is a staff producer with the Investigative Unit at NBC Bay Area.