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Ticket Giveaway from the San Francisco Film Society and NATAS

An Evening with Terence Stamp
Friday, April 29, 7:30 pm
Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street (near Market)

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The Film Society is proud to present the 2011 Peter J. Owens Award to an iconic actor that has created memorable onscreen characters with a remarkable blend of élan, intensity and charisma for nearly fifty years. Terence Stamp will be honored with an onstage interview about his extensive acting career, and a selection of clips from his films will be followed by a screening of one of his signature works: Federico Fellini's phantasmagoric masterpiece Toby Dammit.

The Peter J. Owens award will be presented at Film Society Awards Night. Named for the longtime San Francisco benefactor of arts and charitable organizations Peter J. Owens (1936–1991), this award honors an actor whose work exemplifies brilliance, independence and integrity.

Boyfriend of Julie Christie, friend of Federico Fellini, hit man, limey ninja, queen of the desert, star of 74 individual productions over a career that has spanned over 50 years, few leading men have reinvented themselves as often, and as successfully, as the one and only Terence Stamp. Born in a working-class neighborhood in London in 1938, and having worked in advertising as a young man, he decided to become an actor. His motion picture debut was the title role in Peter Ustinov’s 1962 film adaptation of Herman Melville’s Billy Budd, which brought him an Academy Award nomination.

After this precocious success, Stamp collaborated with some of the cinema’s most respected filmmakers: William Wyler (The Collector, 1965), Joseph Losey (Modesty Blaise, 1966), John Schlesinger (Far from the Madding Crowd, 1967 starring Julie Christie), and as a shy, lovestruck youth in Ken Loach’s first feature Poor Cow (1967). Federico Fellini cast him in Toby Dammit (1968), and Stamp made Italy his home for several years, during which time his film work included Pier Palo Pasolini’s Teorema (1968).

Displaying an exceptional range, Stamp began to gravitate toward powerful, often malevolent characters, in contrast to much of his earlier work. In the 1980s he starred in Richard Donner’s Superman and Richard Lester’s Superman II (as Kryptonian supervillain General Zod), Peter Brook’s Meetings with Remarkable Men, Stephen Frears’s The Hit, Ivan Reitman’s Legal Eagles, Michael Cimino’s The Sicilian and Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. Even after his success in international blockbusters, Stamp has continued taking challenging roles in smaller film like Beltenebros (1991), in which the actor starred for Spanish director Pilar Miró, and the French thriller Tiré à Part (1996).

Stamp began his fourth decade as an actor with the comedy The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and attended the world premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival. In 1999 it was his lead role in Steven Soderbergh’s The Limey—which debuted that year to widespread critical acclaim—that once again made him popular to a new generation of moviegoers.

Not having lost any momentum in the 21st century, in 2008, he starred opposite Tom Cruise in the historical thriller Valkyrie. He can currently be seen opposite Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in Universal’s The Adjustment Bureau.

Terence Stamp Selected Filmography

Terence Stamp Selected Filmography

2011 The Adjustment Bureau
2008 Valkyrie
2008 Wanted
2008 Get Smart
2005 Elektra
2003 The Haunted Mansion
2001 My Wife is an Actress
2000 Red Planet
1999 Bowfinger
1999 Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace
1999 The Limey
1996 Tiré à part
1994 The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
1991 Beltenebros
1987 Wall Street
1987 The Sicilian
1986 Legal Eagles
1986 Link
1984 The Hit
1980 Superman II
1979 Meetings with Remarkable Men
1978 Superman
1975 The Divine Nymph
1970 The Mind of Mr. Soames
1968 Teorema
1968 Toby Dammit
1967 Poor Cow
1967 Far from the Madding Crowd
1966 Modesty Blaise
1965 The Collector
1962 Billy Budd
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2010 Robert Duvall
2009 Robert Redford
2008 Maria Bello
2007 Robin Williams
2006 Ed Harris
2005 Joan Allen
2004 Chris Cooper
2003 Dustin Hoffman
2002 Kevin Spacey
2001 Stockard Channing
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An Afternoon with Serge Bromberg

An Afternoon with Serge Bromberg
Sunday, May 1, 5:00 pm
Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street (near Market)

We have 3 pairs of tickets up for grabs. You must be a NATAS member to enter.

Send an email to with your name and phone # if you'd like to attend.

Winners Notified Friday April 29th.

The tireless Serge Bromberg, is an indispensible force for film restoration and preservation as well as a film programmer, filmmaker and first-rate showman to boot. Bromberg founded Lobster Films in Paris in 1984 to aid in the collecting, preserving and sharing of rare film treasures. He is also director of the celebrated Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the maker of the fascinating documentary about, and partial reconstruction of, Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno (SFIFF 2010). Bromberg will engage in an onstage interview at the Castro Theatre followed by the screening of a selection of rare and new 3-D films.

Retour de Flamme: Rare and Restored Films in 3-D presents some of the earliest examples of 3-D motion pictures as well as some contemporary gems, with gifted raconteur Bromberg himself providing delightful piano accompaniment. In addition to the 3-D work of the Lumière Brothers, rarities by Georges Méliès, Norman McLaren, Charley Bowers, Chuck Jones and the Disney Studios are included. (total running time 150 min)

Named in honor of legendary San Francisco film exhibitor Mel Novikoff (1922–87), the Novikoff Award is given annually to an individual or institution whose work has enhanced the filmgoing public’s knowledge and appreciation of world cinema.

Serge Bromberg, All Around Whiz By David Shepard 

Although Serge Bromberg is based in Paris, France, he is an international crusader for cinema. His enthusiasm is bottomless, his energy even more so. He lives the lives of four men, all of them passionate and amazingly accomplished cinephiles.

Serge began collecting Laurel and Hardy comedies as a child and soon discovered that rare old films come to him as flies come to honey. Serge will go to a butcher shop to buy some chops and instead bring back a pile of 100year-old 35mm prints. I was in his office one day when a kid rode up on a bicycle with a basket full of films. He had found them in the milk house of a farm and wanted to donate them because he thought they might be interesting (they were). In another lucky find, Serge discovered 17 Méliès films that were previously unknown.

Serge founded Lobster Films in Paris in 1984, when he was barely out of his teens, with the hope of collecting, preserving and sharing rare cinematic treasures. Today the Lobster collection comprises some 40,000 reels. Standing in Lobster’s vault and looking at the vast accumulation of wonders stretching into the far distance, it is hard to imagine that all this is the work of Serge Bromberg and his self-effacing colleague Eric Lange. But Serge is not a collector who gloats over his rare holdings; he has deposited thousands of unique original negatives and prints with pubic-benefit archives in Europe and the United States, where they will be preserved and made available for study.

Several times a year, Serge becomes a cinema evangelist and takes to the road. Since 1992, he has presented brilliant programs to the public, accompanying the silent films on piano and providing all the films with high-energy personal introductions. He calls these unique film concerts “Retour de flamme” (flashback). Beginning with showings at vintage music halls in Paris, at the Cannes Film Festival, the Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre and in the Tuileries Garden, he has performed them not only across France and Europe but also in many US venues and in Mexico, India, South America and heaven knows where else.

The films go even where he cannot. Through Lobster Films, Serge organized a website,, on which hundreds of rare films from many archives are streamed for the pleasure of anyone who wishes to watch them. He has coproduced award-winning DVD sets including Georges Méliès, First Wizard of Cinema, whose 200 films comprise almost all of Méliès’ surviving work; Chaplin at Keystone: An International Collaboration, offering eye-opening restorations of all the comedian’s surviving work from his first year in movies; and the previously lost 1926 silent Bardelys the Magnificent, directed by King Vidor and starring John Gilbert.

Animation is another of Serge Bromberg’s special passions. Since 1999 he has been artistic director of the International Festival of Animation, a world conclave held annually in Annecy, France. For several years he also produced and hosted a very popular daily children’s television show called Cellulo, breeding a new generation of cinephiles with the delightful short films he displayed. Most of the profit from this venture he invested in first-class 35mm preservation of unique films that document the work of some worthy forgotten artist or some fascinating, little-remembered event.

As the result of getting trapped in an elevator with the widow of director Henri-Georges Clouzot, Serge won the opportunity of shaping the unedited footage from Clouzot’s unfinished film Inferno into a provocative new docudrama which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and won for Serge ecstatic reviews as well as a 2010 César (the French equivalent of an Academy Award) for Best Documentary Feature. The film, Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno, was featured in last year’s SFIFF program and has been released theatrically and on DVD in many countries, including this one. Serge has also produced over 500 newsmagazines, corporate films, documentaries and television programs, having organized Steamboat Films, a production company, as an affiliate of Lobster.

This tornado of activity has not gone unnoticed. Serge is a member of the board of directors of the GAN Foundation for Cinema, the Cinematheque Française and the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (organizer of the annual telethon). He was honored for Inferno and his preservation work by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association in 2011, made a knight of the French Order of Arts and Letters in 2002 and, in 1997, was awarded the Prix Jean Mitry, presented by the Province of Pordenone, Italy, for his lifetime of work in conserving vintage cinema.

Beyond all of this, Serge has a fabulous sense of humor, is an intensely loyal and encouraging friend, a devoted husband and father to three terrific children. The only mystery I’ve never been able to unravel about Serge is how he does it all.

David Shepard is a film archivist and preservationist, a film teacher, founder of Film Preservation Associates, owner of the Blackhawk Films library and has been a leading influence in the film preservation movement for over four decades. He was the recipient of the Festival’s Mel Novikoff Award in 2000.


Mel Novikoff Award Committee 2011

Francis J. Rigney (chairman) Helena R. Foster

George Gund III Maurice Kanbar

Philip Kaufman Tom Luddy

Gary Meyer Anita Monga

Janis Plotkin Rachel Rosen (ex officio)

Peter Scarlet

Mel NoviKoff Award Previous Recipients

2010 Roger Ebert
2009 Bruce Goldstein 2008 J. Hoberman
2007 Kevin Brownlow 2005 Anita Monga
2004 Paolo Cherchi Usai 2003 Manny Farber
2002 David Francis
2001 Cahiers du Cinéma
San Francisco Cinematheque
2000 Donald Krim
David Shepard
1999 Enno Patalas
1998 Adrienne Mancia
1997 Film Arts Foundation
Judy Stone
1996 David Robinson
1995 Institut Lumière
1994 Naum Kleiman
1993 Andrew Sarris
1992 Jonas Mekas
1991 Pauline Kael
1990 Donald Richie
1989 USSR Filmmakers Association
1988 Daniel Talbot

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