STYLE GUIDE for “Off Camera” Newsletter

Off Camera Style Guide
August 2016
Editor: Kevin Wing

Story Submissions
– Deadline: 24th of each month.  Submit items to:
– Type Size: 11 pt.
– Font: Arial
– Paragraph Indention: 1″
– Word Count Limit: 750 (unless approved otherwise for longer stories)
– Single spacing
– Associated Press Stylebook rules

Additional Specifications for Story Submissions

– “Emmy” word usage: Every use of the word “Emmy” must include the registered trademark ® following it. For example, Emmy® Awards.

– “Emmy” is an adjective and should always be followed by a noun.
Correct: Emmy® Awards (describing the event, first reference)
Also acceptable: The Emmys® (if an awards ceremony is referred to in a quote)
Incorrect: The Emmy’s

– Chapter Reference: When referring to our Chapter in first reference, spell out “The San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences”; on subsequent references in the same story, refer to the Chapter as “the Chapter”

– Names of Individuals: Any name in a story, first and last name, mentioned in first reference must be bold; subsequent references, refer to the person by last name only and not in bold; do not refer to a person by first name in subsequent references

– Stories to be written in present tense when referring to a quote
“It’s a sunny day,” says John Smith.

Photograph Submissions

– Provide caption information with submitted photograph
– Provide photo credit
– 72 dpi
– jpg

Updated – 10/3/16