Andi Guevara

Governor: 2019 (D.Patterson)
Governor: 2016 (Deitsch)

Andi Guevara has called Reno home for 15 years and loves Northern Nevada!
Before making the move, Andi got her start in broadcast with FOX Sports  in Los Angeles, where she won two Emmys for her long format stories on young athletes. Young people inspire Andi, especially the two at home that call her “mom!”
Andi is bilingual – and is grateful her South American parents taught her Spanish at an early age!
As for hobbies: Andi enjoys trail running, cycling, skiing and kickboxing, but admits she’s not a particularly skilled at any of it.  Personal passions include the fight against sex trafficking, addiction & recovery, health and wellness, education, and trying to capture fleeting moments with her quickly-growing children!