Sara Bourbeau









Governor 2021-2023

Sara Bourbeau, Windsong Productions, Fresno
Sara is a partner at Windsong Productions and leads all efforts for the firm’s office, including management of a full-time staff of 13. Sara acts as both Windsong’s head of production and executive producer. Her degree in business/marketing with a certificate in logistics enables her to see the big picture and make sure all the moving parts are indeed moving and accounted for. Sara has a unique skill set that makes her an administrative savant, a producing genius and an incredibly effective manager.  Coordinating each piece of a production, Sara’s planning prowess keeps everything on schedule and within budget. Her ability to see detail and anticipate production issues, and her sheer knowledge of the business of video production, make her an invaluable member of the Windsong team. Sara is seasoned in building projects from the ground up and crafting campaigns that deliver meaningful messages.