Davis, Randy

Davis, Randy

RANDY DAVIS – Photographer/Editor, KGO ABC 7, San Francisco
Randy Davis, a news photographer/journalist, grew up in the news business since his father, Steve Davis, was a reporter and anchor in San Francisco for many years. After attending California State University, Chico and the Ron Bailey School of Broadcasting, Davis became a freelance film/video photographer in 1979, working at KGO and KTVU. After a brief stint at KICU, he was hired full time at KGO in 1982 where he is still employed. Throughout these years, Davis has worked as a photographer, editor, ENG and satellite truck operator. He is responsible for the day-to-day news gathering, live satellite feeds and editing multiple stories. He has covered a plane crash off the coast of Nova Scotia, Hurricane Katrina, the Loma Prieta Earthquake, Oakland Hills Fire, National Conventions, Olympics, Super Bowls, Oklahoma City Bombing, 911; traveling on assignment to Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney, Mexico and beyond. His work has been recognized with several Emmy® Awards, and he was part of the team receiving a Peabody award for the Quake of ’89. Davis provided video services for Every 15 Minutes, an anti-drunk driving program for teens for the Acalanes School District, Walnut Creek Police and the CHP. In addition to mentoring many young reporters and photographers, Davis has taught a lighting seminar at UC Berkeley, produced graduation videos for schools, and coached multiple little league and soccer teams in Walnut Creek.