Ramos, Dave


Since 1974, Engineer Dave Ramos has been on the scene of breaking news, sometimes camping out, often traveling across country to get the story – and always using integrity to get it right. Ramos started out operating an ENG truck for Sacramento KCRA Channel 3 and then moving into Satellite News Gathering (SNG). For nearly 50 years, Ramos has been producing remotes, covering just about every major sport or
news event in the country. KCRA is an aggressive station that invests in getting the story and Ramos is a perfect match. He knows the equipment, news, does TV news reporting in a pinch and is a highly personable guy. He’s successful in the field
and with colleagues because he’s a straight shooter. In 2017, Ramos traveled to Haiti to help dig and build freshwater wells. He signed up for the task after learning that annually, 360,000 children under the age of five die from unsafe drinking water.