Domalaog, Michael ‘Domi’


Michael Domalaog – also known as “Domi” – is a long-time photographer at KCRA Channel 3. He’s traveled the world covering several Olympics with Reporter Deirdre Fitzpatrick. He’s humble and experienced, the kind of photographer every reporter wants.

He started in television as chief photographer at KSBW TV in 1980 where he stayed five years. Then, he was hired by Channel 3, and he’s been at the station nearly 40 years. He’s witnessed many of the technological changes impacting the world of television. And he prevails. Domi is an Emmy® award recipient, covering daily news and sports.

Domi says that he’s always focused on the task at hand but enjoys the sights
along the way. He believes in stopping to smell the roses and taking in everything this world has to offer. Domi does a great job at negotiating with difficult people in the field who want to know where his camera is pointing. His motto is, “Try to stay cool when you can and think on your feet.”