Mentor Match



What Is Mentor Match?

Mentor Match takes television professionals who want to become better in their field and matches them with seasoned professionals in a different market, who are willing to look at their work and provide critiques and suggestions for improvement and perhaps a little encouragement.

What are the advantages to the Mentor?

Chance to give something back.

What are the advantages to the Mentee?

Professional critique of your work
Professional suggestions for improvement
No classes scheduled
Experience working with professionals
On-going training

What exactly happens in this Mentorship Program?

NATAS will find mentors for professionals or college students in the Mentor Match program, and help them set up their first meeting in person, via email or via phone.  After that the frequency of the meetings is up to the mentor and mentee.

Are there any requirements to be accepted as a Mentor?

Yes.  NATAS is looking for professionals in the television industry that are recognized by their peers as excellent in their chosen field, whether they are photographers, writers, producers, on-camera talent, or in sales, accounting or management.

Are there any requirements for the level of participation?

Participation in the Mentor Match program takes into account the hectic schedule of most broadcasters and requires: 1) that the mentor set the schedule for the relationship, 2) that the mentor and mentee communicate via email, phone, or in person a minimum of once a month for the duration of the mentorship program (six to nine months normally), 3) complete a short feedback form at the end of the mentorship. We suggest that the participants arrange to meet in person at least once, but that is not an official requirement for the program.

My station only wants us to mentor students.  Can that be arranged?

Yes.  Mentor Match is a relatively flexible program designed to meet your needs.

How will you match up the mentees and mentors?

Applicants will be matched according to their first, second, or third choice of interest, depending on the availability of mentors.  After that they will be matched up based on the information on the questionnaire form.

Do you have to be a member of NATAS to participate in Mentor Match?

New Membership Application

How do I apply to be a mentor or mentee?


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