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Gurajpal About Mentorship: ‘What I Needed to Hear’

Mentorship Program

Gurajpal Sangha participated in the NATAS Mentorship Program and he shares that experience with us here.

“Mentor Match” is easy. Members communicate some basic goals and skills they feel they need to enhance their career, and NATAS connects them with professionals either in their own market or the Chapter’s other markets.
Email the Chapter office to be a Mentee, or a Mentor.

Name: Gurajpal Sangha
Station: KOLO-TV
Job: Multimedia Journalist
Mentor: Wayne Freedman, On-Camera Reporter, KGO
ABC 7, San Francisco

How many years have you been in the business? 4.5 years

Why did you decide to participate in the pilot “Mentor Match” program?
The main reason for joining the program was to improve my live shot presence and delivery. After that, improve my storytelling skill.

What were your expectations?
My expectations were being able to find a mentor that told me what I needed to hear, instead of what I wanted to hear, so I can become a better journalist.

How was the enrollment process?
Simple and straightforward.

Wayne Freedman, ABC 7

Wayne Freedman mentored Gurajpal

Did you feel you were matched with the person who could help you with your challenges?
Yes. Wayne Freedman has been able to help me with my live shot delivery and script structuring. I thought my packages were good, but Wayne was able to help in that area as well. My writing is more conversational and my package flow is a lot better than before.

What was the best advice you received?
“CONTEXT is now one of your key words. Next time, on whatever you send, show and write CONTEXT.” This was in reference to one of my packages.

How did meeting times and lengths work for you?
I think it worked for both sides. We mostly communicated via email and spoke once over the phone about stories I had sent that week.

How could this program improve?
If it’s possible, to allow us to tag along with our mentor for a day and see how they go about collecting the different elements for a story and how they overcome obstacles.

Why would you recommend the program?
There are times you have to learn lessons in this industry by going through the situations yourself. But to be able to gain knowledge from people who have already gone through some of those situations, you can’t beat that! If anyone is serious about this profession, they need to take this program.

Who is the program for?
It’s for journalists who are hungry to improve. It is not for the know-it-all.

For someone who is considering becoming a mentor, what recommendation would you give?
Be Patient. Everyone processes information differently and for some, it takes a little longer. Also make sure you have enough time for this program. It won’t do you or your mentee any good if you’re busy all the time.

Thanks to Board members Terri Russell, Reno VP. KOLO 8, and Mentor Wayne Freedman, ABC 7, NATAS National Trustee and Awards Chair.

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