Scholarship Photos by Year


(L to R) Caesar Rojas Angel, Yen-Chi (Chris) Chang, Mary Jane Johnson. Toby Momtaz, Karlee Hobbs, Shirin Bina, & Saul Ocana.


2021 Scholarship recipients: (LtoR) Sara Lam, University of California, Long Beach; Enrique Avalos Landeros, Laney College, Oakland; Lea Heimgartner, Dallin Mello, University of California, Berkeley-Graduate School of Journalism; Zoe Rosenblum, Berkeley City College.




 Scholarship recipients (LtoR): Ido Bartana & Austin Castro, San Francisco State University; Aurora Brachman, Stanford University; and Sabereh Mohammadkashi, Berkeley City College.



2019 Scholarship recipients: Marcos Vedovetto, Laney College; Valieriia Lanshakova, Academy of Art University; Keith Sanders, Education Chair;
Max Brimelow & Meiying Wu, University of California Berkeley.




2018 Scholarship recipients: George Garnica, California State University Fresno / KSEE 24;  Ida Bo Kovitz, University of California Berkeley; Jia Yi Lim, De Anza College; Teyler Wallace, Laney College.




2017 Scholarship recipients: Paloma Martinez, Stanford University; Julia Vassey, University of California Berkeley; Daniel Guardado, San Francisco State University; Courtney WagnerValentin Almanza, California State University Sacramento.




sch162016 Scholarship recipients: Luisa Conlon, University of California Berkeley; Dane Christensen, Stanford University; Keith Sanders, NATAS Education Chair; Boyoung Kim, DeAnza College;  Aydan Dorsett-Sobel, Academy of Art University.





2015 Scholarship recipients: Lauren Knapp, Stanford University; Alexandra Swati Guild, Stanford University; Steve Shlisky, NATAS Education Chair; Ryan Remo Fioroni, Berkeley City & Laney Colleges;  Courtney Wagner, Sierra College; Michael Cotton, Laney College.




sch142014 Scholarship recipients: Sherae Honeycutt, San Francisco State University; Vanessa-Marie Walker, Sacramento State University; Michael Milano, University of California Berkeley;  Jonathan Alonso, City College of San Francisco; Tyler Trumbo, Stanford University, and NATAS Education Chair, Steve Shlisky.




sch13 2013:  George Lang, left, of The Big Picture Film & Video Arts and a Chapter Governor, and Steve Shlisky, the Chapter’s Education Committee chairperson, fourth from left, stand with this year’s scholarship recipients. From left to right: Vincent Huergas, of Laney College; Katherine Gorringe, of Stanford University; Talia Samelian, of San Francisco State University; and Lauren DeFilipo, of Stanford University.  Photo© Ken Newberry



sch122012 Scholarship Recipients:  Maggie Beidelman, Adam Grossberg, University of California Berkeley; Taylor Mosley, Jacquelyn Ngongoseke, Laney CollegeJoel Hernandez, San Francisco State University.          Photo© David Golden



Off Camera 1111.p65
2011 Scholarship Recipients:  Rebecca Friedman, University of California, Berkeley; Mario Ayala, Alex King, College of San Mateo; Steve Shlisky, NATAS Education Chair; Paul Meyers, Stanford University; Christine Dumke, City College of San Francisco.             Photo© David Golden




1110.p65 2010:  Scholarship presentation: Steve Shlisky, NATAS Education Chair and Amanda Rivas, University of San Francisco (not pictured) Kevin Gordon, Stanford University




Off Camera 1109.p652009  Scholarship Recipients: Carolina Kondo and Theo Rigby, Stanford University; Betty Bastidas and N’Jeri Eaton, University of California Berkeley




Sch082008 Gold Circle Recipient JACK HANSON congratulates scholarship recipients Charlene Music, Stanford University; Alexandra Platt, University of San Francisco; Manal Ahma and Brittney Johnson, University of California Berkeley




sch072007 Scholarship Recipients:  Brian Pollack, Oyundary (Daria) Tsagaan, University of California Berkeley: Peter Jordan, Alan Ransil, Stanford University.




sch062006 Scholarship Presentation: (left to right) Darren Brazil, Stanta Clara University, Tomantzin DeAztian, University of California, Kent Harland, and Alana Kim Dong, Stanford University.




Prod. Nº 200516022005 Scholarship presentation (left to right) Erin Hudson, Stanford University, Shelly Fay Videography Scholarship: Alison Victor, San Francisco State University, Peter Marino Production Scholarshp; Lynn Friedman, NATAS President; Rigo Chacon, KGO ABC 7 presenting the first Rigo Chacon Reporting Scholarship to Ling Liu, University of California Berkeley (not pictured); Jeff Clarke, President/General Manger, KQED, presenter.



sch042004 – Scholarship presentation to (l to r) Robert Harris, Shelly Fay Videography Scholarship; Alison Gibson, Media Cool, Scholarship Chair; Valari Staab, President/General Manager, KGO ABC 7, presenter; Xiaoli Zhou, Peter Marion Production Scholarship.  Both students are from the University of California Berkeley.


sch032003 Scholarship Presentation: (left to right) Alison Gibson, NATAS Scholarship Chair; Bryan Cifranic, Fresno State University; Andante Higgins, University of California Berkeley.


Sch012001 Scholarship Presentation: (left to right) Bob Fimke, KOVR General Manager; Catherine Harris, State University; Brodie Brazil, San Jose State University; Daniel McKinney, University of California Berkeley.  Photo© Robert Mohr


sch002000 Scholarship Recipients: (left to right) Christopher MoroLeeward Community College, Hawaii; Alison Gibson, NATAS Scholarship Chair; Meg McKinney, Stanford University.




sch991999 – Scholarship Winners received a $2,000 check and plaque from Scholarship Chair John Odell (2nd from left) Marie E. Drennan, San Francisco State Univeristy (left); Derek Stonebarger, Sonoma State University (center); and Anne Alvergue, Stanford University (right) 




sch981998 – NATAS President Ron Louie, KTVU, points to the camera as our Scholarship Winners each received a plaque and check for $2,000. (l to r) Scriptwriting: Susan D. Anderson, San Francisco State University; Fay Videography: Duane Ram, College of San Mateo; Marino Production; Shibani Bathija, San Francisco State University; KDTV Exito Escolar: Gabriela V. Quiros, University of California, Berkeley; and Scholarship Committee Chair Frances Palacios, Community & Public Affairs Manager, KDTV.




Sch971997(l to r) Joseph G. Blea, College of San Mateo, KDTV Channel 14 Exito Escolar $2,000; Kevin Christopher Wheeler, San Jose State University, Sheldon “Shelly” Fay Videography $2,000; Patrick J. Roche, College of San Mateo, Peter J. Marino, Jr. Production $2,000




Sch961996 – Scholarships of $2,000 each were awarded to three talented students from left, Justin Kanno, college of San Mateo, the Shelly Fay Videography Scholarship; Yuriko Gamo, a master student at Stanford University, the Peter Marino Production Scholarship, and Luis Cruz, University of California, Berkeley, Exito Escolar, presented jointly by KDTV 14 and NATAS.


Sch951995 – Scholarships of $2,000 each were presented to four students this year.  From left are Frank Ayala, recipient of the Exito Escolar funded by KDTV; Jennifer Sunglao, Peter Marino Production Scholarship, with Miss Emmy, Jennifer Hanson, and Scholarship Chair Deborah Nagle; and R. Gordon Bainbridge, the Ken Langley TV Writing Scholarship, who was a runner-up last year.  The fourth scholarship, the Shelly Fay Videography Award , went to John Lee Ellis.


sch941994 – Two Chapter Scholarships were awarded to Chris Dominicci of Leeward College, Hawaii, center, and to Nathan Lee, College of San Mateo.  Presenting them was Cathy Ortelle, at the left, Scholarship Chair.


sch911991 – $2,000 scholarships were awarded to three students. From left are Vincent R. Larkin, College of San Mateo, Semi-finalist in the Peter J. Marino Jr. Production Scholarship; Leslie Yoder, Sonoma State University, finalist for the Marion Scholarship; Imelda C. Bettlong, Leeward Community College, Hawaii, finalist for the Sheldon Shelly” Fay Videography Scholarship; Eric T. Basa, also of Leeward also a finalist for the Marion Scholarship; and Eliren J. Pasion, San Jose State University, Semi-finalist for the Fay Scholarship.



sch881988 – NATAS/SF President Jim Lautz (R) presents the annual production scholarship to De Anza College’s Linda Grodt.


sch871987 Nancy Besst presents the Ken Langley Scholarship to Chico State’s Carolyn Michele Hanson.  Nancy Jo Stutton and Jasmin Denault (not pictured) received the NATAS Production Scholarships.


sch861986 – NATAS President Stan Burford awards scholarships to (L) Tami Sloan Tsark and (R) Benjamin Latimer.