Silver Circle by Class

The Class of 2022






The Class of 2021

(First row) Stephanie Adrouny, Vice President News, KNTV NBC Bay Area, San Jose; Laura Anthony, Reporter, KGO ABC 7, San Francisco, Michael Finney, Consumer Reporter. KGO ABC 7, San Francisco.
(Second row) Stanton Tang, News Director, KOLO 8, Reno; Eric Thomas, Anchor/Reporter, KGO ABC 7, San Francisco (retired); Adrian Woodfork,   Photographer/Reporter/Host, KCRA 3, Sacramento, (retired); Frank Zamacona, Zamacona Productions, Producer/Director.



The Class of 2020

(Clockwise) Scott Budman, Business/Technology Reporter, KNTV NBC Bay Area, ; Sal Castaneda, Anchor/Traffic Anchor and Reporter, KTVU FOX 2, Oakland; Ken Day, Photographer, Ken Day Productions Sacramento; Vern Glenn, Sports Anchor & Reporter, KPIX  5, San Francisco; Joanne Jung Wohlers, Satellite Coordinator, KGO ABC 7 San Francisco; Molly McCrea, Medical & Special Projects Producer, KPIX 5 San Francisco; Jennifer Olney, Special Projects Producer, KGO ABC 7 San Francisco; Lonnie Wong, , Reporter, KTXL FOX 40 Sacramento.

Link to view/print 2020 Gold & Silver Circle Program (pdf)

The Class of 2019

CLASS OF 2019 (Clockwise)  JULIE HAENER, Anchor, KTVU FOX 2; LIZ HARRISON, Anchor, KFSN ABC 30; MIKE LUERY, Political Investigative Reporter, KCRA 3; WAYNE PHILIPPO, Retired Director, KPIX 5; JAMES ‘SUDS’ SUDWEEKS, retired Editor, KGO ABC 7; MIKE SUGERMAN, Multi-Media Journalist, WCBS Radio/former KPIX 5

The Class of 2018

CLASS OF 2018  L to R) EDIE LAMBERT – Anchor/Reporter, KCRA 3;
DIANNE FUKAMI – President/Co-Founder, Bridge Media; GARY GEROULD,  Sacramento Kings (Gold Circle Recipient)KEN BASTIDA – Anchor/Reporter, KPIX 5; JESSICA AGUIRRE – Anchor, KNTV NBC Bay Area;  STACY OWEN – President/General Manager, KNTV NBC Bay Area / KSTS Telemundo 48;
KOPI SOTIROPULOS – Morning Anchor/Weatherman, KMPH Fox 26 


The Class of 2017

CLASS OF 2017: (L to R)  Rick Blangiardi, President/General Manager KGMB/KHNL, Hawaii News Now; Jim Gaughran, Producer/Documentarian, KNTV NBC Bay Area; Cristina Mendonsa, Former Anchor, KXTV ABC 10; Keith Sanders, Media Producer, San Jose State University; Mark Jones, Video Journalist, Multimedia VideoProductions/KRON 4; Len Ramirez, Reporter, KPIX 5.

The Class of 2016

gsc16-classCLASS OF 2016: (L to R) Terry Lowry (Gold & Silver Circle Chair, Silver Circle ’96, Governors’ Award 2000), Bill Martin, Meteorologist, KTUV Fox 2; Fred LaCosse (Gold Circle 2016, Silver Circle 1988, Governors’ Award 2012), La Cosse Productions;
Robert Handa, Reporter, KNTV NBC Bay Area/KTVU 2; Steve Swatt, Political Analyst  Comcast/Time Warner, KCRA; Lyanne Melendez, Reporter, KGO ABC 7 
Lori Waldon, News Director, KCRA 3; Dan Ashley (MC, Silver Circle 2015) and
Randy Davis, Photojournalist, KGO ABC 7

The Class of 2015

CLASS OF 2015: (Clockwise)  TOM DUHAIN, Retired Anchor/Reporter, KCRA 3, Sacramento; CYNTHIA ZEIDEN, President, Zeiden Media, San Francisco/ Sacramento; SANDRA LEE, Retired  Executive Producer, Special Projects, KPIX CBS 5,San Francisco; GEORGE WARREN, Multi Media Journalist, KXTV News 10, Sacramento; DOUG McCONNELL, Host, OpenRoad, KNTV, NBC Bay Area, San Jose;  DAN ASHLEY, Anchor, KGO, ABC 7, San Francisco;

The Class of 2014


CLASS OF 2014:  STEVE SHLISKY, producer/editor, KTVU Channel 2; DIANE DWYER, anchor/reporter, KNTV NBC Bay Area/KTVU Channel 2; TOM SINKOVITZ, anchor/reporter, KNTV NBC Bay Area, KRON 4, freelance, KIM STEPHENS, co-anchor, Great Day, KMPH Fox 26; GEORGE LANG, owner, The Big Picture Film & Video, former photographer KGO 7.

The Class of 2013

Classof13CLASS OF 2013: SPENCER CHRISTIAN, meteorologist, KGO ABC 7; DON FORD, multi-media reporter, KPIX 5; ROBERTA GONZALES, Weekend Weather Anchor, KPIX 5, LORI SILVA, news director, KHON 2; JIM SWANSON, director local programming, KRON 4 KEVIN WING, Producer/reporter, KTVU, KGO, KNTV, ABC News/Good Morning America.

The Class of 2012


CLASS OF 2012:  JAVIER VALENCIA, media consultant, former community relations director, KRON 4; CHERYL HURD, reporter, KNTV NBC Bay Area; CATHERINE CAVEY, Photojournalist, KGO ABC 7, FAITH SIDLOW, anchor/reporter, KSEE 24, Fresno; JOE FONZI, sports anchor/reporter, KTVU Channel 2; (Insert) GEORGE CABRAL, JR., Photojournalist, KHON 2, Hawaii.

The Class of 2011

Off Camera 1111.p65

CLASS OF 2011: SHERRY HU, former KPIX CBS 5, Anchor Reporter; RICHARD HART, New Material; JANICE GIN, KTVU Channel 2, JIM VARGA, former KTVU Channel 2; SUZANNE SHAW, KNTV NBC Bay Area; ANGELO STALIS, KFSN, ABC 30 Fresno.

The Class of 2010


CLASS OF 2010: 168 people gathered on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis for the induction of the “Class of 2010” into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapters “Silver Circle”.” (from left to right) MARTY GONZALEZ, Anchor, KRON 4, Professor Broadcast & Electronic Communications Arts, San Francisco State University; RANDY SHANDOBIL, Political Reporter, KTVU Channel 2; ED PEARCE, Anchor, KOLO 8, Reno; LYNN R FRIEDMAN, Editor, KGO ABC 7, Chapter Past President; JOYCE MITCHELL, Producer, 4U Productions; PAM MOORE, Anchor, KRON 4; (insert) SIDNEY MILBURN, Senior Producer/Director, KITV 4, Hawaii.

The Class of 2009


CLASS OF 2009: 146 people gathered on Saturday, October 24th, at The Hilton San Francisco Financial District for the induction of the “Class of 2009” into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter’s “Silver Circle.” From left to right: TAD DUNBAR, Anchor, KRNV 4, Former KOLO 8, Reno; DR. DEAN EDELL, Former Medical Reporter KGO ABC7; MICHAEL CLARK, Videographer/Editor, KGO ABC 7; EMERALD YEH, Freelance Talent/Producer, Former Achor, KRON 4; DON KNAPP, (Governors’ Award 2014) Reporter, KPIX CBS 5; (insert) STEFANI BOOROOJIAN, Anchor, KSEE 24, Fresno.

The Class of 2008

CLASS OF 2008: Almost 200 people gathered on Saturday, October 4th, at The Hilton San Francisco Financial District for the induction of the “Class of 2008” into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter’s “Silver Circle.” From left to right: JOHN KESSLER, Anchor, KPIX CBS 5; CRAIG FRANKLIN, Producer/Photographer, KPIX CBS 5; JAN WAHL, Film Critic, KRON 4/KCBS Radio; JAMES STIMSON, Assistant News Director, KCRA 3; JOHN IANDER, Freelance Reporter/Former Reporter, KOVR CBS 13.

The Class of 2007


CLASS OF 2007: Over one hundred fifty people gathered on Saturday, October 27th, at the Holiday Inn Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco for the induction of the Class of 2007 into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter’s “Silver Circle.” From left to right: GARY SPRINKLE (Insert), Anchor, KITV4; gayle yamada, producer/director, Bridge Media; CAROLYN TYLER, anchor/reporter, KGO ABC7; JIM JOY, retired Editor, KRON4; MARK IBANEZ, Sports Director/Anchor, KTVU Channel 2; LINDA YEE, Reporter, KPIX CBS5 / KRON4.

The Class of 2006


CLASS OF 2006: Over one hundred fifty people gathered on Saturday, November 11th, at the Holiday Inn Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco for the induction of the Class of 2006 into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter’s “Silver Circle.” From left to right: FRANKLIN MIEULI* (Gold Circle 2006)SYDNIE KOHARA, anchor, KPIX CBS 5; JOHN FOWLER, reporter, KTVU Channel 2; ROSS McGOWAN, Host, “Mornings on 2”, KTVU Channel 2; MARK HEDLUND, reporter, KXTV 10, Sacramento; BOB LONG*, retired anchor, KSEE 24, Fresno; HANK PLANTE, political reporter, KPIX CBS 5.

The Class of 2005


CLASS OF 2005: Nearly one hundred gathered on Saturday, October 15th, at the Radisson Miyako Hotel, on Post Street in San Francisco for the induction of the Class of 2005 into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter’s “Silver Circle.” From left to right: DOUG McKNIGHT, producer/ND/GM); KATE KELLY, anchor/reporter, KPIX CBS 5; DON SHARP, news operations manager, KRON4, KPIX CBS5; DOMINIC BONAVOLONTA, director/instructor; JIM BRANSON, managing editor, KTVU Channel 2; NANCY OSBORNE, anchor/reporter, KFSN ABC30, Fresno; (Insert) DAN ADAMS , reporter, KXTV News10, Sacramento.

The Class of 2004


CLASS OF 2004: Over one hundred gathered on Saturday, October 16th, at the Radisson Miyako Hotel, on Post Street in San Francisco for the induction of the Class of 2004 into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter’s “Silver Circle.” (from left to right) LLOYD LACUESTA, reporter, KTVU Channel 2; GREG LYON, reporter, KRON 4; JENNIFER SMITH, anchor/reporter, KXTV ABC10; DOUG MURPHY*, anchor/reporter, KPIX CBS5; GEORGE OSTERKAMP, producer, CBS News; (Insert)PAMELA YOUNG, anchor/reporter/host, KITV 4.

The Class of 2003


CLASS OF 2003: Over one hundred gathered on Saturday, October 25th, at the Radisson Miyako Hotel, on Post Street in San Francisco for the induction of the Class of 2003 into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter’s “Silver Circle.” From left to right: CLASS OF ’03: TOM VACAR, reporter, KTVU FOX2; JOHN ODELL, professor, City College San Francisco; CHERYL JENNINGS, (Governors’ Award 2009) anchor/reporter, KGO ABC7 LOIS HART, anchor, KCRA NBC3; AL BULLOCK photojournalist retied KGO ABC 7; DAVE WALKER, anchor, KCRA NBC3; JOEL BARTLETT, meteorologist, KGO ABC7; JAN YANEHIRO, producer/host, Yanehiro Inc. KPIX; (Insert)DAVID HOSLEY,  general manager, KVIE PBS6, KQED, KCSM.

The Class of 2002


CLASS OF 2002: Over one hundred gathered on Saturday, October 26th, at the Marine’s Memorial Club, on Sutter Street in San Francisco for the induction of the Class of 2002 into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter’s “Silver Circle.” From left to right: CLASS OF ’02: WAYNE FREEDMAN, reporter, KGO; JOHN CATCHINGS, producer, KPIX; ROSY CHU, Public Affairs, KTVU; BARBARA RODGERS, (Governors’ Award 2004) anchor, KPIX; DON McCUAIG, photographer, KTVU; Missing, BILL SCHECHNER, reporter, KPIX.

The Class of 2001


CLASS OF 2001: Over one hundred gathered on Saturday, October 30th, at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco for the induction of the “Class of 2001” into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter’s “Silver Circle.” Upper Picture: PETE WILSON*, anchor, KGO; WENDY TOKUDA, (Governors’ Award 2010) anchor, KRON, KPIX RITA WILLIAMS (Governors’ Award 2014)reporter, KTVU; VIC STERLING* (Gold Circle 2004), director, KOVR; Lower Pictures: ED ARNOW, reporter, KPIX; FAITH FANCHER* ,reporter, KTVU and HARRY FULLER, Europe bureau chief, CNBC, KGO.

The Class of 2000


CLASS OF 2000: Over one hundred gathered at Gabbiano’s Restaurant on Ferry Plaza in San Francisco on Saturday, October 21st, for the induction of the Class of 2000 into the San Francisco/Northern California Chapters “Silver Circle.” From left to right: PAUL JESCHKE,reporter, KGO; BEN WILLIAMS*, reporter, KPIX); STANLEY BURFORD,ex. prod., traffic reporter, KGO; JACK HANSON (Gold Circle 2008)host, reporter, weather anchor, freelance; PETER FINCH, promotions, The Agency; DON SANCHEZ , (Governors’ Award 2013) anchor/reporter, KGO; MANUEL RAMOS,reporter, KPIX; and Chapter President CYNTHIA ZEIDEN. SAM EWING III*, program creator, was unable to attend the ceremony (photo insert). The chapters “Silver Circle” started in 1986 recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to Northern California television over the major part of their 25 years or more in broadcasting. The circle now totals 152 members.

The Class of 1999


CLASS OF 1999: RICHARD BLOCK (Gold Circle 2010), Columbia TriStar TV; VICTOR LEE, KRON; ROD SHERRY*, KPIX/KFTY. Induction luncheon was part of the 50th Gala at the Mark.

The Class Of 1998


CLASS of 1998:  DR. HERBERT ZETTL (Gold Circle 2012), Professor, San Francisco State University; ED COSCI, Engineer, KTVU 2; RICK DAVIS, Correspondent, NBC News; DAVE CALDWELL*, Producer/Director; GEORGE READING*, Anchor/Reporter

The Class of 1997


CLASS of 1997:  RON LOUIE, Director, KTVU; LINDA GIANNECCHINI,  (Governors’ Award 2011) Producer/Director; CHARLES SCHULZ*, (Governors’ Award 1989) Peanuts; AL STURGES*, Program Director; BRUCE “SKIPPER” SEDLEY*, Childrens Host; RIGO CHACON, (Governors’ Award 2003)  Reporter, KGO; DAVE PARKER, Producer/Director; FRED PARDINI, Photojournalist, KGO; (not pictured) YSABEL DURON, Anchor/Reporter, KRON.

The Class Of 1996


CLASS of 1996:  BOB MACKENZIE*, Reporter, KTVU; DR. STUART HYDE*, (Gold Circle 2012) Professor, San Francisco State University; TERRY LOWRY, (Governors; Award 2000) Host/Anchor/Reporter, LaCosse Productions; SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK*, (Governors’ Award 1992) Actress, Chief of Protocol US; AARON EDWARDS*, Reporter, KGO; (not pictured) KEVIN O’BRIEN, VP/General Manager, KTVU.

The Class of 1995


CLASS of 1995:  DON GOLD, DGA; WILLIE KEE*, Photojournalist, KTVU Channel 2; DARRYL COMPTON, Associate News Director, KRON 4; BOB MITCHELL, Assistant Program Director, KGO 7; DAVID LOUIE, (Governors’ Award 2015) Reporter, KGO 7; (not pictured) WAYNE WALKER, Sportscaster, KPIX 5.

The Class Of 1994


CLASS of 1994:  LUIS ECHEGOYEN, (Gold Circle 2008, Governors’ Award 2000) Anchor, KDTV; ROGER GRIMSBY*, Anchor, KGO; DENNIS RICHMOND, Anchor, KTVU; JAN MOELLERING, (Gold Circle 2009) Production Coordinator, KNTV 9; PAT McCORMICK, Host/Weathercaster, KTVU; RON WREN, Wren Advertising; WILEY SCHMIDT*, Art Director, KGO; HOWARD HARDEN*, Director, KGO.

The Class Of 1993


CLASS of 1993: BOB ANDERSON, Producer/Writer, KGO/KRON; DOVEL (CURLY) DeVON*, Engineer, KQED; JIM LANGE*, Host, KGO; DOROTHY HOOKER NYE, Producer/Director, KGO; VERN HAWKINS, Reporter, KTVU; PETE GIDDINGS, Weathercaster, KGO; EVAN WHITE, Anchor/Reporter, KRON/KGO; (not pictured)

The Class Of 1991


CLASS of 1991: ROB ROTH, Lighting Director, KTVU; JACK LaLANNE*, (Gold Circle 2002) Fitness Expert, KGO; ALMA CARROLL, Writer; FRED ZEHNDER, News Director, KTVU; MARTY PASETTA*, Director, KGO; DICK WEST, Production, KGO; AL KASCH, Director, KRON; ELAINE LaLANNE, (Gold Circle 2002) Producer, KGO; (not pictured) TONY TIANO*, General Manager, KQED; DICK CABLE, Anchor, KXTV.

The Class of 1990


CLASS of 1990: DAN CERVILLE, Assistant Chief Engineer, KTVU; RUFUS PEDERSON*, Director, KGO; LILLIAN FORTIER*, Community Relations, KRON; ROLLIN POST*, Policital Commentator, KQED/KRON; JEANNE BAKER TONCRE, Community Affairs, KRON; WALT BJERKE*, Engineer, KQED; MIKE BOYD*, Anchor, KCRA; GEORGE RODMAN*, Promotion Manager, KGO; JULES POWER*, Producer, Power-Rector; JAMES GABBERT, General Manager, KOFY; HARRY JACOBS*, Chief Engineer, KGO; BOB MARCH, Captain Satellite, KTVU; (not pictured) DON TAYER*, Attorney, AFTRA; WILLIAM WINTER*, Newscaster, KPIX/KGO.

The Class of 1989


CLASS of 1989: CAL THOMAS*, Art Director, KGO 7; JUDITH MORGAN JENNINGS, Publicity, KTVU 2; BELVA DAVIS (Gold Circle 2013, Governors’ Award 1995), Reporter, KRON/KQED; LUCILLE BLISS*, (Gold Circle 2002) 1,000 Voices; DIANE DONIVAN PASKERIAN, CA Office of Toiurism; DWIGHT NEWTON*, TV Critic, San Francisco Examiner; WANDA RAMEY*, Anchor, KPIX 5; JIM OSBORN, General Manager, KGO 7; JAMES SCALEM (Gold Circle 2014) Program Manager, KQED 9; LES MALLOY*, Talent, KGO 7; DON ANDERSON*, Assistant Chief Engineer, KRON 4; (back row) BILL MOORE, (Governors’ Award 1995) Photographer, KTVU 2; WALT HARIS, Announcer, KTVU 2; DAVE SEELY, Technical Manager, KGO 7; DICK GREEN, General Manager, KRCR; CHARLES KINGSLEY*, Operations, KHSL; MITCH AGRESS, Cap’n Mitch, KTXL/KSCH; FRANK RODMAN*, Engineer, KQED 9; (not pictured) CAL BOLLWINKEL*, Program/Operations Manager, KTXL. 40

The Class of 1988


CLASS of 1988:  (front row) DON CURRAN*,General Manager, Curren-Vector Co., DAVID SACKS*, General Manager, KGO; VERN LOUDEN*, Director, KRON/KGO; NICK HAMEL, Art Director, KGO/KTVU; DICK ROBERTSON  (Gold Circle 2005), Mother Lode Public Relations; DICK WEISE, Art Director, KTVU; GEORGE LUM, Director, KTVU; JACK ARMSTRONG, (Governors’ Award 1981) TV Guide; IAN ZELLICK*, KTVU; LES AVERY*. ,KQED; (back row) FRED LaCOSSE, (Gold Circle 2016, Governors’ Award 2012) LaCosse Productions; SHELLY FAY*, Videographer, KPIX; DAVE McELHATTON*, Anchor, KPIX; FRED VAN AMBERG, Anchor, KGO; MEL QUERIO*, KCPM; ALDO CONSTANT*, General Manager, KRON; NANCY BESST*, (Governors’ Award 1998) Miss Nancy, KGO/KTVU; BOB FOSTER*, TV Critic, San Mateo Times; HARRY MARTIN*, KCRA; STEW PARK, General Manager, KNTV; BILL OSTERHAUS, General Manager, KQED; (not pictured) RAY JACOBS*, KTVU; JON KELLY, KCRA; CLAUD MANN*, KTVU; LEE MENDELSON, (Gold Circle 2015, Governors’ Award 1989) Mendelson Productions , GORDON WALDEAR*, KGO.

The Class of 1986


CLASS of 1986: BARBARA SMITH, Business Manager, KNTV; HARRY SWEET*, Archivist, KCRA; DOLLY RODGERS*, Business & Financial Manager, KXTV; FLORENCE FLOWLER*, Vista Productions; DEE DOMKE, Operations, KRCR; LEN SCHLOSSER*, Public Affairs Director, KPIX; TERRY O’FLAHERTY*, (Governors’ Award 1987) TV Critic, San Francisco Chronicle; LES KRAMES, Art Director, KRON; JOHN WEAVER, News Photographer, KRON; FRANKLIN DOWD*, Engineer, KSBW; (2nd row) DICK FERNANDEZ*, Engineer, KGO; LOU BELL, Director of Engineering, KNTV; JACK MATRANGA*, General Manager, KXTL; PHIL LASKY*, General Manager, KPIX; JONATHAN RICE*, (Governors’ Award 1972) Program Director, KQED; DICK RECTOR*, (Governors’ Award 1987) Producer, Power-Rector; TOM BREEN*, Program Director, KTVU; IKE HUNTER JR., Production, KGO; BILL HILLMAN*, Reporter, KPIX; STAN ATKINSON, (Governors’ Award 2016) Anchor, KCRA; (back row) CHUCK ROGERS*, Photographer, KOVR; BOB KELLY*, Production Manager, KXTV; KEITH MOON, VP/General Manager, KSBW; DOUG MONTGOMERY*, Station Manager, KCSM; CHARLIE MING *, Photographer, KTVU; BILL SCHULYER*,General Manager, KSCH; (not pictured) RUSS COUGHLIN*, (Governors’ Award 1990) General Manager, KGO; AL GILLILAND*, Chairman, Gill Industries; BOB HOSFELDT*, General Manager, KNTV; RUTH ‘MICKEY’ McCLUNG*, KHSL

*  Deceased