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Photoshop Workshop: Retouching
with Mike Moya



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Introduce yourself to the new flavor of video production used on such programs as “The Mandalorian”, “Game of Thrones” and the virtual sets used on “The Weather Channel.” Covered Topics: *What is Augmented & Mixed Reality, and why is it such a Big Deal? *The The Paradigm Shift: Covid-19 & Budgets *3 Types of Virtual Production: Which type is right for you? *Hardware & Software Equipping a Studio. From Indie to Pro. What is needed for each type? *Resources Where to learn? This seminar is facilitated by Koina Freeman, XR Faculty Lead, Laney College. Koina is an award winning filmmaker with a superpower for visual storytelling across platforms; from XR to TV and Virtual Production. She uses video, Realtime 3D Animation, and game engines to weave compelling stories. Koina is the 1st woman of color to direct for FOX’s “America’s Most Wanted” where she brought each of her episodes in on-schedule, and under budget and has premiered a film at the Sundance



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Next|TV Summit & Expo San Francisco
June 15, 2016


Next|TV Summit & Expo San Francisco
December 1, 2015


Emmy® Gala Ceremony
& Red Carpet Clips


Master Class Series, 2014/2015


This is a video archive of a live webcast class that was available to NATAS and IBEW members.  Steve Shlisky shares his editing techniques in this first Master Class.  10/25/14


Wayne Freedman, reporter at KGO-TV in San Francisco and winner of 51 Emmy(R) Awards, gives a 2.5 hour intense lecture on various aspects of storytelling from language to images to structure to best and worst practices of reporters. He uses several of his award-winning stories as examples throughout.  11/15/14


This master class features award-winning voice-over artist Elaine Clark, owner of Voice One in San Francisco.  This video of a live webcast seminar is fantastic but abruptly edited because this is only one of three segments and the other two are now “lost.”  This is an information packed 39 minutes of entertaining instruction.  12/6/14

NATAS Next Generation of TV
Ratings & Demographics
October 22, 2014

Next Generation of TV Ratings & Demographics

Learn about the next generation of media ratings and demographics in the video archive of this fantastic NATAS event that took place on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

NAPTE Student Career Day
May 4, 2014


NAPTE Educational Foundation’s 27th Student Career Workshop, KRON San Francisco Co-Sponsored by NATAS SF/NorCal


Intellectual Property Rights 020814

The How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights When You Publish Your Media Online session was a crossover panel between musicians and video producers.  The panelists were: Jarid Johnson, Bryn Boughton and Jeffrey Brandstetter.  The moderator was Cynthia Zeiden.  2/8/14


Mobile TV 111313The event will include a nuts and bolts discussion of the basics of mobile TV, which allows broadcasters to transmit their broadcast programming, including sports, news and entertainment, over a portion of their existing spectrum to compatible mobile devices. Broadcasters are expanding the TV viewing market beyond the traditional living room, allowing viewers to take their favorite shows with them, tuning in anytime and anywhere. Fueling the development of mobile TV is the public’s voracious appetite for watching video content on the go. Small upgrades to transmission facilities allow broadcasters to join the mobile video phenomenon. Make sure your station is not left behind!  11/13/13


Online News Forum 041313

A discussion of online news media hosted by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – San Francisco / Northern California Chapter. Featuring: Barbara Rodgers (Comcast), Jonathan Mitchell (KNTV – NBC), Janice S. Gin (KTVU – FOX), Brian Shields (KRON4), Meghann Farnsworth (The Center of Investigative Reporting), Jim Parker (CBS Local Digital Media – KPIX), and Rachel Schwartz (KGO-TV – ABC).  4/13/13