Jung Wohlers, Joanne

Without Joanne Jung Wohlers, the station could have gone dark. She’s been considered the behind the scenes force running ABC 7 for 40-years now. Wohlers is Satellite Coordinator at KGO 7 – and so much more. She’s called by employees an
amazing combination of historian, archive clerk, digital technician and detective.
The mantra at KGO only grows stronger as young and old alike search for file
footage or institutional knowledge. The answer often is the same, “I can’t find it.
Go ask Joanne.” She’s humble, self- effacing and considered the social glue that
holds the Channel 7 newsroom together. The Emmy® Award recipient is able to
juggle tight deadlines and somehow miraculously makes them work. And she does
so with a rare wit and sense of good humor.