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While watching the San Francisco Giants games on television, you hear the crowd react to plays – as usual – although there are no fans in the stands!  How does the production team do it?

We learn from Paul Hodges III, SF Giants VP of Content & Entertainment (past NATAS Board Member), and Marco Nicola, SF Giants Director of Live Experience & Entertainment, how MLB and the Giants “reinvented the wheel” during this time of COVID-19. An unusual time for all major sports.

Activities Chair Steve Shlisky digs a little deeper to find out about other challenges posed by COVID – the limitations of personnel on the field, and how the weather up the coast had them scrambling at the last minute to keep the show going…

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Steve Shlisky Chapter Activities Chair / Professor, Co-Chair Media Department Laney College – sshlisky@emmysf.org



Cory Smith


Cory Smith Student in the Media Communications Department Laney College – cyberstone13@yahoo.com



In this first in a series of Podcasts produced by the San Francisco Northern California NATAS Chapter Co-Hosts Steve Shlisky and Cory Smith examine the Mentorship member benefit.

Mentorship Podcast Interviews


Patty Zubov– Chapter Membership Chair



Susan Bradley



Susan Bradley– Student Mentee from Laney College in Oakland





Brooks Jarosz – Mentor, Investigative Reporter KTVU FOX2 Oakland





Gurajpal Sangha – Mentee Reporter KOLO TV Reno