After 21 Years Haazig Madyun Is Retiring From KRON-4

Haazig Madyun is retiring from KRON-4 in San Francisco after 21 years at the station.

Madyun began at KRON in 2002 as a tape and video editor as the station was transitioning from its longtime affiliation with NBC to being independent.

As KRON adopted multimedia reporting as its standard brand (still in place today), Madyun pivoted from being behind the scenes to a new role as a multimedia reporter, a position he has succeeded in for the last two decades. 

Congratulations to Haazig Madyun for 21 years of journalistic excellence at KRON.

From left: Anchor Catherine Heenan, meteorologist Kyla Grogan, Haazig Madyun, and anchor Stephanie Lin