And They're Off!
Our Emmy Entries are now being judged… now it’s our turn to judge

By Kris Sanchez

What an amazing year of work! This year, our Northern California Regional Emmy® Awards received a record number of entrants hoping to earn recognition for their work. The SF/NorCal Awards Committee certified 1,043 entries with 2,741 entrants. The English contest was bigger than it’s been, and the Spanish contest is as strong as ever.

There were many heavy stories to tell in 2022, from volcanic eruptions in Hawaii to an earthquake on the mainland, to issues of diversity and inclusion, fentanyl, and ghost guns that impact all of the communities in our region. Many of our colleagues investigated, helped consumers, and delivered the stories about the human spirit that were the sugar to make all the rest of it go down.

Right now, our entries are being judged by seven of the other 18 regional NATAS chapters. At least seven peer judges will view and score each entry. English and Spanish entries are judged separately. The online programs were scored for content, creativity, and execution (1 to 10 points), for a possible total of 30 points. Craft categories are judged on creativity and execution only, for a possible 20 points. After scoring all the entries in the category, the judge certified his or her scores and submitted the ballot directly to our accountant for processing.

A tabulated sheet representing each category – with separate entries for English and Spanish but not identified will be presented to the Awards Committee. The committee determined a cutoff score in each category and entries above that score were considered nominees.

The committee then selected the Emmy® recipients by highest scores. The Awards Committee members will make these selections without knowing which entries or categories were being considered. The nominations will be announced May 3rd on the chapter’s website.

We will return to the San Francisco Hilton Union Square for a black tie reception, dinner and awards ceremony on Saturday, June 3rd. Mark your Calendars!

Now it’s time for our chapter to return the favor. When you submit an entry, you also agree to help judge contests from other chapters. In fact, there’s a $45 penalty for not fulfilling this obligation. Our chapter waives that as a courtesy, but we really need everyone to pitch in to judge for other chapters as they do for us.

So, log onto your member or guest account (, click Emmy Express at the top of the home page) and on the left column you will see, JUDGING. Click “Search Panels”   and you will see a list of all the panels currently being judged. 

Next, click details on a couple of panels that you are a peer (work in) and check the box “I accept Judging Terms,” and then REQUEST TO JUDGE.  Within 24 hours the panels you requested will appear in the ACTIVE PANELS & STATUS (left column). Lastly, click the panel and start judging.

When you have viewed the minimum required time for the entry, the score sheet will pop up on your screen. Fill in your scores and click “Final.” You can go back and change scores if needed. When you have completed all the entries and scoring you click submit ballot.

It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. If you don’t see any categories that you work in as a peer, don’t worry, more chapters will be arriving soon (we will be judging through the summer).

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or the Academy office

We hope to see you June 3rd!