Statuettes & Plaques

We get a lot of questions like these:

“Can I purchase a duplicate EMMY®?”

“My name wasn’t on the entry but I was a contributor to an EMMY®-awarded piece.
Can I buy a statue?”

“My station paid the entry fees. Who gets the award?”
We thought this would be a good opportunity to answer those questions and let you know your options.

EMMY® Awards are presented to individuals, not to their employers. Ownership of the EMMY® statuette is retained by the individuals and The National Television Academy, even if an employer pays entry fees. Stations, studios and production companies may order a duplicate statuette for display at their place of business (one each; up to a maximum of three per winning program entry). Corporations, production companies, cable companies and other employers associated with winning craft entries may purchase plaques from the Academy that have a replica of the statuette and space to list the names and titles of their employees’ award recipients for display at their offices.


Commemorative Statuettes

Commemorative Statuette: $350 (Plus Tax & Shipping)

Commemorative statuettes may be ordered for display purposes only. The name plate will be engraved exactly as it appeared on the original EMMY® award and will include the word COMMEMORATIVE.


Emmy® Wall Plaque:  $350
(Plus Tax & Shipping)

10.5″ x 13″ high quality ebony piano finish plaque with engraved copy on small and large plate.  Recipients may order to honor significant contributions to entry



Emmy® Regional Plaque:  $350
(Plus Tax & Shipping)

12″ x 15″ high quality ebony piano finish plaque with engraved copy on large plate.  18 brass plates can list each of your Emmy® Awards from the past present and future.


Production Plaques

Production Plaque: $175 (plus Tax, and Shipping)

Production plaques may be purchased by individuals designated by the entrant of an EMMY®-awarded entry. These plaques are for persons who made a significant contribution to a winning piece’s award- worthiness but were not listed on the original entry.

The rosewood plaque is 10 ½ x 13 with an inscribed gold plate featuring the academy logo. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.


Nomination Plaque

Nomination Plaque: $150 (Plus Tax and Shipping)

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is offering a handsome plaque commemorating work on Emmy® Award-nominated pieces. (Similar to shown above) The rosewood plaque is 8 x 10 with an inscribed gold plate featuring the academy logo. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  You must be a nominee to order

Production Certificates:

Certificates may be purchased by individuals who contributed to an EMMY®-awarded entry but were not listed on the original entry form. Cost is $25 per certificate. Send a check or money order for $25 and a brief letter stating the credit (director, editor, etc.) , entry title, entry category and year awarded.

Production Certificate: $25 (Plus Tax & Shipping)

Contact the Academy Office to place your order.
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A quick word about promoting those EMMY wins:
EMMY® winners may refer in advertising and publicity to the fact that they are an EMMY® recipient and for one year after the award was bestowed may use a replica of the EMMY® statuette in such advertising. A registration mark and the appropriate copyright notice (c) NATAS/ATAS must accompany any portrayal of the EMMY®.