The San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is congratulating one of its own, San Francisco Bay Area Vice President Kevin Wing. Wing shared a professional update that’s taking him to a new chapter in his career.

After doing what he’s loved as a storyteller for several years, Wing has made a move from television news into the exciting field of media relations.

“I’ve been very blessed to be able to do what I love all of these years, and that love is being a television storyteller. Now, I’m about to begin a new chapter in my own life story,” Wing said.

Wing has done it all in TV news–from being a news reporter, news writer, assignment editor, assignment manager, feature reporter, photographer, news producer, special projects producer, executive producer and, early in his career, a news anchor.

The Bay Area native has served his community as a broadcast journalist at most of the TV stations he grew up watching. He spent several years at KNTV NBC Bay Area, preceded by KGO-TV ABC7 and KTVU Channel 2–the latter of which is where Wing said he learned everything he knows about being a TV journalist. For more than a decade he also worked for ABC News as a producer and correspondent for Good Morning America.

“I grew up watching the show. Never did I imagine when I was a kid that I’d get to work for them,” Wing said. “I’ve been extremely lucky.”

But now, Wing said he’s pivoting and starting a new career doing something that will allow him to be more versatile than ever. “Every TV career hat I’ve ever worn has prepared me well for this next adventure in my professional life,” Wing said.

The media professional started his new role as the Director of Media Relations and News at Saint Mary’s College of California on Tuesday. The beautiful, sprawling campus is in the picturesque Bay Area town of Moraga. Wing will be fully engaged in promoting the college and sharing its success stories as its primary spokesperson. “I thank the college very much for offering me and entrusting me with this wonderful opportunity,” Wing said.

While this new chapter will now be Wing’s main career focus, he said he’ll also be continuing with NBC Bay Area by contributing occasionally on weekends. “I’m very grateful to them for everything they’ve done for me and everything I’ve done there and will continue to do.” Wing said he is also going to be continuing with client film projects for his production company. “Life is about to get a little busier, I know, but my family and friends will always be right
up there, too. I appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement, and I thank you as well. After all, to me, this is about personal relationships and the importance of it all. I’ve worked for, and with, the very best. I’ve learned so much from each and every one of them,” Wing added “Thank you very much to my family, my friends and my colleagues for your love, support and friendship. It means a lot to me.”

Wing said when he was growing up, his dear mom once told him to always work hard, and to work an honest day. She told him to never give up, and to never say ‘never’ to his goals and dreams. “Life hasn’t always been easy, I know. But I’ve always tried to aim high, overcome obstacles and be positive. Mom, I’m so glad I listened to you,” Wing said. “This is my life’s work. It continues to be an honor to be a storyteller in so many ways. And the newest way is about to begin.”

The NATAS SF/Norcal Chapter would like to congratulate Wing on his next adventure.

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