Adjustments to This Year’s Call for Entries

47th Annual Emmy® Awards 
Entry Deadline Jan. 12

By Wayne Freedman, 
Awards Chair 

Welcome to Emmy® Award submission season. Time, again, for your annual exercise in looking back through your best work from the past year, studying the Call For Entries, and contemplating your personal Rubik’s Cubes for combinations that may yield statuettes and speeches come Emmy® night, next June.

For the competitive among us, this can be a conflicting exercise in hope, certainty, humility and self-doubt. You are not alone.

What should you enter?

What might impress the judges?

What will your competitors across the street be entering?

And, how can you best use the Call For Entries to your advantage?

My advice: Read it carefully. If you have questions, contact members of the Awards Committee.

Two Calls For Entries:
Last year, out of 739 English submissions, 213 (29%) received nominations, and 60 received (8%) received statuettes.

From 212 Spanish submissions, last year, 95 (45% received) nominations, and 39 (18%) received statuettes.

In an effort to balance those percentages, this Chapter has, with the blessing of the National Academy, created two separate Calls. To that end, the Awards Committee has looked objectively at entry and recipient counts. We have added, subtracted, consolidated, and changed the descriptions of some categories with the goal of recognizing excellence in compliance with the national guidelines.

Even after these changes, anyone who entered, last year, can find categories for his or her work, this year.

Changes In The ENGLISH Call for Entries:
#12  News Special Program (New Category)
#21  Technology (Feature/Segment & Program/Special combined)
#23A  Sports News Feature/Segment (New Category)
#28  Director Live/Recorded Live (Post Production Directors can enter Program Categories
Graphic Arts-Graphics & Animation (Deleted, artists can enter in News & Program Categories)

Changes in the SPANISH Call for Entries:
#62 News Special Program (New Category)
#66 Lifestyle (Feature/Segment & Program/Special combined)
#67 Historic/Cultural (Feature/Segment & Program/Special combined)
#68 Public/Current/Community Affairs (Feature/Segment & Program/Special combined)
Sports One-Time Special (Deleted)
Sports Sporting Game-Live (Deleted)
On-Camera Talent-Sports Play-by-Play/Analyst (Deleted)
#78  Director Live/Recorded Live (Post Production Directors can enter Program Categories
#80   Photographer (combined 24 hours and no time limit)
Graphic Arts-Graphics & Animation (Deleted, artists can enter in News & Program Categories)

Help Your Awards Committee: Read The Call For Entries – and The Master List when published.

Please check your Call For Entries for guidelines and specific requirements in your categories. Look closely at the rules regarding duplicate entries and double dipping. You do not want to a call from a member of the Awards Committee during certification.

Additionally, please help your Awards Committee volunteers by reading the Master List of Entries after we publish it online. You are responsible for including all the names in your entries. We cannot make additions after we announce Nominations.

Further, look closely at other entries within your categories. If an entry strikes you as being inappropriate, please send a note to the Awards Committee, citing why, and we will look into it. After the committee announces Nominations and Recipients, we cannot make changes.

Your Awards Committee members look forward your entries, this year.
Good luck!

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