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STYLE GUIDE for “Off Camera” Newsletter

Off Camera Style Guide

Published monthly on or near the first of the month.
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Past Issues are accessible on the Membership page – look on the left-hand column for link.

Editor: Larena Hernandez, email:
Associate Editor: Steve Shlisky

Story Contributions:
– Deadline: 20th of each month.
– Send articles and photos by email attachments to:
– Word format document (.docx)
– Type Size: 11 pt.
– Font: Arial
– NO Paragraph Indention – blank line between paragraphs.
– Single spacing
– Live Link(s) for further information included, especially links on our site.
– Call to Action, usually a link or email to follow up on the article topic.
– Word Count Limit: 750 (unless approved otherwise for longer stories)
– Associated Press Stylebook rules (

Additional Specifications for Story Submissions
– “Emmy” word usage: Every use of the word “Emmy” must include the registered trademark symbol ® following it. For example, Emmy® Awards. Including headlines and captions.

– “Emmy” is an adjective and should always be followed by a noun.
Correct: Emmy® Awards (describing the event, first reference)
Incorrect: The Emmy’s

Gold & Silver Circle – italicized, Example: Gold & Silver Circle Induction Luncheon

Off Camera – italicized. Example: Off Camera newsletter

– Chapter Reference: When referring to our Chapter in the first reference, spell out “The San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.” (Avoid this in the first paragraph of the article if possible, since first graph is the story “teaser” in the Newsletter Index; takes up lots of space).  On subsequent references in the same story, refer to the Chapter as “the Chapter.”

– Names of Individuals: Any name in a story, first and last name, mentioned in first reference must be bold. Subsequent references, refer to the person by last name only and not in bold; do not refer to a person by first name in subsequent references.

– Headline suggestion submitted with your article or contribution is appreciated. First letter of each word in the headline is usually capitalized. Not too lengthy (headline becomes the URL for the story).

– Byline: Name [next line] Title or Affiliation – in bold.

Photograph Submissions:
– Attached in an email to:
– Provide caption information with submitted photograph (noted in article OK)
– Provide photo credit
– 72 dpi
– jpg

Creating a page: Don’t forget the Off Camera Header (banner at top of page of each story) – in Draft, go to “Featured image” (right column), hit “Set featured image”, search for “Off Camera header”, click image and Set featured image.

Publication Timeline
-Content received by 20th
-Enter content in WordPress by the 25th
-26 – 28th proofread & apply changes
-28-29th Last looks & Larena to update Constant Contact
-Publish by the 1st at 9 am

Updated – 3/26/21