Sacramento Camera Crew Attacked at State Capitol Rally

By Joyce Mitchell

Dozens of protesters, counter-protesters and supporters of an anti-transgender “de-transitioner” rally at Sacramento’s State Capitol whacked a TV camera person with a lead pipe Friday afternoon, March 10th. The makeshift weapon just missed Photographer Ken Day’s head and instead hit his camera. Producer Toby Momtaz, a member of the NorCal/SF NATAS Board of Governors, was with Day during the assault. Neither was hurt.

Violence erupted between extremist groups on the West Steps of the Capitol where the permitted Detransition Awareness Day rally took place. Day and Momtaz were covering the event to be included in a KVIE/PBS documentary that airs in June about a transgender woman.

The organization putting on the rally believes that if a person feels a discrepancy between their sex and gender – that it is a psychiatric problem. The Sacramento Police Department said that there were three reports of assault and theft.  

One person was arrested for an alleged assault. Day and Momtaz have been contacted by detectives who say they believe the suspect who attacked the crew is in custody. An investigation is underway. An unidentified man was injured and cared for by State Capitol CHP.

The documentary Day and Momtaz are working on is called Never Too Late? It’s about the oldest woman in the country to undergo gender reassignment surgery. The half-hour program is being produced by NATAS Governor Joyce Mitchell, narrated/co-written by NATAS Governor and Awards Chair Wayne Freedman and edited by Governor and Activities Chair Steve Shlisky.