Sacramento reporter says the NATAS Norcal Mentor Match Program is an "Instrumental part of my success"

Sacramento Reporter Gurajpal Sangha credits the NATAS Norcal mentor match program for career success

By Gurajpal Sangha, Sacramento News Reporter

The NATAS Mentorship Program has been an instrumental part of my success as it has helped me become a better storyteller! I was lucky to be paired with the Legendary KGO Journalist Wayne Freedman! Originally, I wanted to improve my live shot presence and delivery, but Wayne was able to help with that and so much more like, script structure and writing more conversationally. We mostly communicated via email. I sent a few news stories his way and Wayne sent back the feedback. We still communicate to this day.

The signup process for the mentorship program was simple. A quick questionnaire and the process was set in motion. I absolutely believe in this program because it helped accelerate my growth and easily provided knowledge influential for my career! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

For a $15 annual student membership, you can participate in our Mentor Match program.