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Letter from National Chair Terry O’Reilly

Dear fellow NATAS members and television colleagues:

I’m writing today to share something that I think is really special.

I know I don’t need to tell you about the stresses that our industry and those who work in it are facing right now, as the COVID-19 threat works its way across America.  The vast majority of Americans are now under some form of government-imposed “stay at home” order, and many in our industry right now find themselves without work: for example, it was just reported by IATSE that 95% of their ‘below-the-line’ craft members are out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the face of all these challenges, so many members of the television industry are doing amazing work every day, keeping the nation and the individual communities that comprise it informed and entertained. There has not been a time in recent memory that our work has been needed more, and I daresay there has not been a time in recent history that it has been appreciated more by the audiences we serve.

We at NATAS thought it would be a timely gesture to say ’thank you’ to all in our industry who serve our country by doing what we do best: informing, enlightening and inspiring. Providing respite in difficult times. Providing families with a way to come together.

Our Academy President Adam Sharp and the great staff at our New York City Headquarters — all working from home — drafted a letter of thanks to our community that you will see on the inside cover of this week’s Variety magazine (a copy is attached as well).

Our friends and colleagues at the Television Academy in Los Angeles joined us in this unified statement of support for and gratitude to everyone in the television industry who is working so hard during this difficult time.  No member dollars from either organization were expended in creating the ad or in purchasing the page.

We thought you’d like to see this.  And we thought you’d like to know how much we appreciate everything you do: for our Academy, and for our country.

For those whose production work is directly impacted, we are maintaining a list of resources on our website:

Be well. Stay safe.

Terry O’Reilly

See the ad in Variety

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