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Valley Broadcast Legends Donates Funds for School Learning Tools

By Joyce Mitchell
Sacramento Region Vice President

Most people in TV believe it’s a privilege working in the industry. Because a career in television is like no other, television people tend to stick together because they understand each other. One of those watering holes, gathering spots – is Sacramento’s Valley Broadcast Legends (VBL).

VBL has a dedicated group of professionals, either retired or still working, that attend monthly meetings – now via Zoom.  People pay annual dues and also buy tickets for drawings. Money collected from the raffle tickets are always put to good use.


Dyer-Kelly Principal, Giangranco Tomatore, and VBL Treasurer Ron Middlekauff.

This month, VBL Treasurer Ron Middlekauff had the honor of donating 500-hundred dollars to a deserving school. Called opportunity drawings, the money is used to help shore up community programs. In this case, the funds were donated to Dyer-Kelly Elementary School.

“Last week, being treasurer and board member of VBL, I delivered a 500-hundred dollar check to Dyer Kelly Elementary School,” said Middlekauff. “It is the poorest school in all of Sacramento County. Almost 99 percent of the study body is on a food assistance program.”

Now, thanks to the kind and generous donation from VBL, received by Dyler-Kelly Principal Gianfranco Tornatore, the school is purchasing two “Elmo” image projectors. The document cameras will allow teachers to include print materials in their Zoom feeds, a vital tool for distance learning.

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