Our Big Gala Goes Big Social

By Steve Shlisky
Chapter President


Plan on sharing your big gala memories on social media. Simply post the pomp and circumstance of the Gold Statuary during this year’s exciting Emmy® Awards.

We’ve created multiple ways to keep your friends up-to-the-second connected to next week’s spectacle: An award-by-award live webcast – eight cameras capture every moment of the On-Stage Ceremony; and a Red-Carpet broadcast capturing every Emmy® Recipient’s emotional reaction as they walk off the stage. Da Lin, Kim Stephens and Kevin Wing provide the interview questions. You can access both these webcasts from our website: emmysf.tv.

The award broadcast begins at 6:15pm on June 8, while the Red-Carpet cast begins with the first recipient at about 6:30pm.

On top of this, Noemi Zeigler Sanchez once again conducts Facebook Live interviews open to all attending before the event and Larena Hernandez will share your memories on our Instagram and Twitter pages. Follow us @EmmySFTV!

Contribute your own event coverage by posting your own content and use the hashtag #EmmySF!

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YouTube – EmmySFTV

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