NATAS “Headshot Day” Was Picture Perfect For Members

Joyce Mitchell

By Joyce Mitchell
Governor, Sacramento

Becoming a member of the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences offers a variety of perks. Recently in Sacramento, members were provided the opportunity to have their own professional headshots taken, compliments of Membership Committee Chairperson and professional photographer Michael Moya.

The event was held on Sept. 23. Moya traveled to Sacramento from the Bay Area, where he lives, to take complimentary headshot photos.

Frank Casanova

Frank Casanova, owner of The Studio Center, opened his doors to a steady stream of traffic, people who got their pictures taken. Studio Center has been a staple in the TV production industry in Sacramento for decades, providing green screens, edit suites, and a myriad of industry services.

Nearly a dozen people streamed through the door to be photographed. Moya uses the photo sitting as a time to talk, meet members, and become familiar with the various markets included in the NATAS/SF/Northern California Chapter. “Our headshot day is such an asset for networking and meeting new faces from our NATAS chapter,” said Moya. “I always look forward to contributing.”

As membership committee chair, getting to know people in various markets allows Moya to better educate people about NATAS and spread the word. For example, Casanova was honored during the course of the day to have been invited to join the Academy. “I didn’t know I could,” said Casanova. “I thought people were paying for their photo sessions. This is a great bargain for industry folks. I will be joining to connect and have the chance to take advantage of opportunities like this one.”

Kathy Park

Moya thanked Casanova for providing the studio and a new friendship was forged. “Joining the Academy is a very affordable way to become part of a community,” said Casanova. “Professionals can meet and greet and compare notes. We really need that.”

Weekend Anchor/Reporter Kathy Park said that the photo session was great. “It was an opportunity for me to get a professional photo capturing my current look, and present where I am in my career.”

Marinda Johnson

Producer Marinda Johnson from KVIE Channel 6 said that she’s often caught off-guard when people request a headshot for an event, the web or social media. “It makes all the difference to have a professional headshot on hand,” said Johnson.”What an opportunity to have professionally done, complimentary headshots and camera ready makeup.”

Rauna Thurston and Sophia Grady

Moya made the journey to Sacramento with two makeup artists from Laney College Cosmetology. Rauna Thurston and Sophia Grady graciously volunteered their time. In additional to running his professional photography business MOYAfotografx, Moya teaches at Laney College. He also volunteers as photographer for the annual Emmy® Awards and the Gold & Silver Circle Induction Luncheon.

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