Ben Bernholdt








Governor: 2023
replacing Julie Watts

BEN BARNHOLDT, Film Production Teacher, Whitney High School, Rocklin
Ben has been teaching for more than 20 years, and he’s now in his 15th year teaching video production at Whitney High School, in Rocklin, California.

Ben started the WCTV19 program and his students create the daily student news show, “Unleashed.” His program consists of an introduction course, an advanced film production course, an advanced broadcast journalism course, and an advanced sports journalism course. His program’s motto is “Teens Documenting Reality” and he coaches his students to value the experience and the story, as much as the end product.

WCTV19 is also a part of the Career Technical Education (CTE) Curriculum, and the Design, Visual, and Media Arts Pathway.  In addition to earning a pathway completer certificate, his students also earn Dual Enrollment college credit through Sierra College.

Outside of the classroom, he enjoys camping with his wife and two daughters, and cheering on the New York Mets.