Beth Tribolet








GOVERNOR 2024-2026


Beth Tribolet
Former Senior Producer ABC Network News, Law and Justice Unit
Founder, Reel True Stories

I am an award-winning network investigative TV news producer and media consultant who develops non-fiction narratives into books, episodic television programs, feature films and documentaries.

Throughout my career, I have focused on stories that advance justice for the underserved and that hold powerful individuals, government and corporations accountable. At ABC News, I managed the Law & Justice Unit, a team of lawyers and producers that reported on major legal cases and exposed injustices in the legal system, government and corporations.

I would be honored to serve as a NATAS Governor. I would see it as an opportunity to protect journalists and to safeguard our critical role as the Fourth Estate.

As a media consultant, I have guided clients through the thickets of media in ways that are designed to influence public policy debate, challenge accepted norms, and build positive perceptions. My clients include a US Congressman, a commonwealth attorney, a mayoral candidate, lawyers and non-profits. Since 2010, I have advanced my clients’ interests by means that include on-camera interviews, placement in print and on broadcast news, as well as book and television contracts.

I have won two national Emmy® Awards and a Sundance New Producers Fellowship. I was part of a team that won DuPont and Emmy® awards for a weeklong series on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for Nightline. I have a B.A. in history from Harvard-Radcliffe College, and an M.F.A. in film producing from Columbia University.