Devin Fehely Honored With Governors’ Service Medallion For Commitment To Giving Back

By Kevin Wing
Chapter Vice President, San Francisco

Devin Fehely is not only a standout on Bay Area television news, he has also carved out quite a significant niche for himself on the Board of Governors of the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Arts & Sciences, where the KPIX CBS Bay Area reporter has proven himself to be a passionate, hard-working Governor, a champion for every member of the Chapter.

It is that dedication that the Board of Governors chose Fehely to receive the 2023 Governors’ Service Medallion for his selfless service to the Chapter. He received the honor this year along with fellow Governor Susan A. Bradley, of Susan A. Bradley Photography, another individual who has demonstrated selfless service to the Chapter. Fehely and Bradley received their Medallions at the 52nd Northern California Area Emmy® Awards Gala in San Francisco, held Saturday, June 3 in the Grand Ballroom of the San Francisco Hilton Union Square in the City-by-the-Bay’s fashionable Union Square. (An individual article about Bradley may be viewed here.)

Fehely, a 17-time Emmy® Award recipient, feels honored for the recognition. He was nominated by Randy Forsman, a director at KCRA 3 and recent Past President of this Chapter’s Board of Governors.

“I was humbled and honored to be recognized by the Chapter for my service to this organization,” Fehely said. “And it was truly special to share that honor with Susan A. Bradley, our chapter photographer and a woman who is the epitome of selfless service.”

Fehely has served on the Board of Governors for the last three years. His dedication to NATAS is designed to inspire excellence.

“The essence of my service to this organization dovetails with its mission to honor and inspire excellence and innovation and creativity in the realm of TV journalism,” added Fehely, who has been with KPIX CBS Bay Area since early 2015.

“In many regards, I feel like I entered into service to this organization through the back door,” Fehely explained, reflecting that a few years ago he successfully advocated for the Regional Emmy® Awards Competition’s Reporter Craft Category to be split in two — Specialty Assignment and General Assignment. At the time, he had not yet been elected to the Board of Governors or even added to the roster of the Chapter’s Emmy® Awards Committee.

“We had investigative reporters and consumer reporters and feature reporters all of whom often have the luxury of more time and resources competing against General Assignment Reporters who might have a few hours to cobble their stories together,” he said.  “And having done both roles over the course of my career, it was plain to me that each type of reporter was deserving of their own lane in which to compete.”

Fehely said the idea was inspired by his experience in the Atlanta television market and in NATAS’ Southeast Chapter, where he was honored with the first eight of his eventual 17 Emmy® statuettes. 

Today, he describes himself as a bit of a “contrarian” on the Board of Governors, willing to challenge the status quo or advocate for new ideas.

“From Monterey to Eureka, Reno to Hawaii, our Chapter is huge,” Fehely said. “And I think it’s important that all of those regions are represented and have a seat at the table. Ensuring a diversity of experience and opinion on the Board and all of our Committees is vitally important to our mission. And I’ve tried to build those bridges and relationships.”

Amongst his NATAS contributions, Fehely also participates in the Chapter’s Mentor Match program. Currently, he mentors a young journalist who, only a few years ago, got his first on-air TV position in the industry.

“In the early stages of your career, you’re learning and growing and climbing the ladder. The focus is inward,” Fehely said. “But, you eventually arrive at a point in your career where you say to yourself, ‘You know, I’ve learned a few things that might benefit someone coming up behind me.’  This program gives me an opportunity to share some of those lessons and it also refreshes my enthusiasm for the craft.”

What about future service to the Chapter? Fehely explained he would like to expand upon service on the Chapter’s Awards Committee by helping to showcase more of the amazing work being produced by the Chapter year-round.

“There is so much talent, so much creativity, so many probing investigations, so much magnificent storytelling in this Chapter,” he said. “Right now, the focus is on the awards competition at the end of each year and the Emmy® Gala in the middle. I’ve always been of the opinion that we should be celebrating that great work on an ongoing basis.”

Meantime, Fehely would like to launch a series of discussions with journalists throughout the Chapter, highlighting stories, documentaries and investigations they have worked on.

Congratulations again to Devin Fehely and Susan A. Bradley on the occasion of their receiving the 2023 Governors’ Service Medallion!