Many Changes at Univision 21 in Fresno

By NATAS SF Board of Governor Jose Munoz

March saw the return of News Director Stefany Garces at Univision Fresno after a 3 month maternity leave to a much different news team. 

Stefany Garces Univision Fresno

In November prior to her leaving MMJ Cristian Gomez left the news field altogether. 

Cristian Gomez

MMJ Karla Gonzalez left for a job closer to home joining Noticias Univision San Diego.

Karla Gonzalez

 Joining the team would be Candy Duran as the executive producer and filling in for Stefany.  

Candy Duran


In December MMJ Jacqueline Magaña departed to Univision Colorado as a weekend anchor/MMJ.

Jacqueline Magaña

Come January, joining the team as an MMJ, Sebastian Noriega ready to start in first job in news relocating from Miami. 

Sebastian Noriega

Also joining the team as an MMJ, Carlos Trestini, from Univision Chicago

Carlos Trestini

The end of January saw the departure of regional president and general manager Steve Stuck. Chris Morris would fill the role. 

MMJ Maria Cortez departed in February, leaving the news field but recently announcing her new role as Communication & PR Officer for the Central Unified School District in Fresno

Maria Cortez

In March, Candy Duran, EP for about the last 4 months also announced her departure as she takes the role of News Director from Telemundo Sacramento/Fresno.