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Membership Drive Includes Diversity Media Push

Diversity, Ethnic, Cultures, Troy Espera

The Filipino Channel team wins a 2018 Emmy® Award for the Balitang America Original Documentary “Box City”. From left, Jeremiah Ysip (director of photography), Jon Santos (editor), Henni Espinosa (producer/writer/host), Patrick Luna (photographer).

By Troy Espera
Chapter Governor

As the NATAS San Francisco/Northern California Chapter ramps up for its annual Membership campaign starting in September, the Board of Governors has boosted efforts to foster membership diversity by reaching out to multicultural media organizations throughout the region.

Representing the coveted Emmy® Awards in California markets from Visalia to the Oregon border, Hawaii, Guam and Reno, Nevada, the Chapter’s large territory includes a multi-faceted, culturally rich population that inspires storytelling and news coverage. To ensure this richness is reflected in its membership, a newly formed Diversity Media subcommittee has been tasked with inviting ethnic media outlets and multicultural content creators to join the Chapter’s mission in promoting excellent television content produced across the region.

Chapter President Randy Forsman says: “It is my aim that the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences be more inclusive and welcoming of new ideas and to help our members feel engaged and more connected to our industry.”

Diversity, Ethnic, Cultures, Troy Espera

Local Hawaii entrepreneur Lanai Tabura (left) and Redefined Media co-owner Andrew Tran receive Emmy® Awards in 2018 for their program “Ramen Yokocho”.

The Board of Governors agrees that joining the NATAS SF/NorCal Chapter means joining a TV community that recognizes the value of delivering culturally relevant content to diverse audiences. The Board adds that membership also offers newcomers the opportunity to promote their brands among industry peers who celebrate and support one another’s dedication to the storytelling craft.

“It is important that our organization represent those who contribute hundreds of quality productions for Emmy® Award consideration each year,” past Chapter President Steve Shlisky says. “Every member in our Chapter should feel vital and included as we make every effort to represent all points of view.”

Diversity, Ethnic, Cultures, Troy Espera

Univision Sacramento celebrates winning 15 Emmy® Awards in 2017.

Besides a break on Emmy® Award entry fees and Gala tickets, additional membership benefits include discounts to professional development webinars, workshops, product demonstrations, luncheons, and other Academy activities. For a full list of benefits, visit the NATAS SF/NorCal Chapter Membership page.

The Diversity Media subcommittee will be sending an email to representatives of Diversity Media groups in our Chapter’s region as an invitation to the online  “Diversity Media Roundtable” on Saturday, October 3.  To ensure our Diversity Media list is complete – please send us info about any groups that should be included:

New members, join here.

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