NATAS Member Cynthia Brian Releases First Children's Book

Nobody likes a bully. Not even in the animal kingdom!

A member of the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences since the 1990’s. bestselling author, actor, and TV/radio personality, Cynthia Brian, debuts her first book in the children’s picture book series, Stella Bella’s Barnyard Adventures, with her charming true-life cadre of characters and endearing illustrations in No Barnyard Bullies, a colorful book about learning to be kind and inclusive. 

No Barnyard Bullies ​follows a pampered piglet who lives in an apartment as she is re-homed to a barnyard filled with a variety of happy critters. Thinking that she is the Queen, she bullies the other animals until she is stopped by a tiny bunny who defends a three-legged goat from her attacks. Everyone is equal in Stella Bella’s barnyard where bullies are not tolerated, and inclusivity is the paramount number one rule.

This is the first book in the series, Stella Bella’s Barnyard Adventures by Cynthia Brian and illustrated by Jensen Russell. Each book is 32 action-packed pages peppered with lively conversations between the species as they discover how to live together serenely and joyfully in a diverse barnyard. Colorful, animated illustrations of the characters bring the prose and poetry dialog to life with timely and timeless tales that are relatable to humans. The animal family of Stella Bella’s Barnyard Adventures experiences complex encounters that challenge their integrity, individuality, and character while amplifying an assortment of expressions and original viewpoints to co-exist as a group. The barnyard animals address critical issues facing children including bullying, nature, power struggles, adversity, adoption, homelessness, creativity, justice, health, kindness, ethnicity, and being different through a cultural lens of hope and resolution. With visually rich illustrations, each picture book will inspire, motivate, and move children to appreciate all animals while learning the lessons the natural world teaches.

The goal of Stella Bella’s Barnyard Adventures is to instill in children wonder and awe of Mother Nature and her creatures as they participate in the escapades of the wild kingdom. Children are encouraged to love themselves exactly the way they are while living in peace and harmony with a barnyard of many colors and beliefs. Family is about whom you love and who loves you. In the series, the true tales will emerge from a variety of different animals, all with a prescription for living as better humans.

Like the Be the Star You Are!® series of books for teens and adults by Cynthia Brian, Stella Bella’s Barnyard Adventures will illuminate a simple fact for kids–we were not created equal. We are far better than equal. We are unique. We are individuals. We each have the ability and the responsibility to use our talents, genius, and strengths to sparkle, shine, and make a positive impact in this small galaxy we call Earth. We must strive to be the stars we were born to be.

Proceeds from the sale of the books benefit the 501 c3 charity, Be the Star You Are!® empowering women, families, and youth through increased literacy and positive media messages.

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“What a wonderful book on such an important topic.” Jennifer Wake, Author and Newspaper Editor