NATAS SF President Walks Tall into New Job

By Joyce Mitchell

His tall stature an indication, NATAS NorCal/SF President Brooks Jarosz walks with a high level of respect. After 15 years reporting on everything from elections to earthquakes, Jarosz got an offer he couldn’t refuse. A new career chapter opened up and he is leaving the TV news business. But he’s not going far.  

An Investigative Reporter at KTVU Fox2, Jarosz looks forward to working with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office as Senior Communications Officer in San Jose. “I’ll be focused on community engagement, building trust and overseeing all department communications,” said Jarosz. “It’s an exciting opportunity to serve the communities that I’ve covered for the past 6 plus years.”

An esteemed investigative reporter, Jarosz worked his last day at KTVU December 15, 2023. While he said that it was a difficult decision to leave television, Jarosz maintains it’s definitely the right one. “The industry has changed greatly, but I’m still the news man I always was,” said Jarosz.

A stellar reputation follows Jarosz out the door of KTVU. “Brooks departure from reporting is an unfortunate sign of these times,” said former longtime KGO Reporter Wayne Freedman. “Viewers at home will lose the insights of an experienced and responsible newsman with a depth of sources. So now, he becomes a source in his own right. The Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office gains a credible person to speak for and represent them.”

 As for Jarosz, he brings to his new job the fire in his belly that fueled his reporting. “Investigative reporting has been a passion because it means righting wrongs, exposing corruption, and making the world a better place,” said Jarosz. “But it’s time to flex some other muscles with the goal of continuing to make a difference.”

Most people leaving TV news get some withdrawals. “Of course, I’ll miss my TV colleagues, the life inside the newsroom, and the adrenaline rush of breaking news,” said Jarosz. But he said that he’s also looking to holidays off and spending more time with family and friends.

As his job changes, one thing that will remain consistent is his commitment to the NATAS NorCal/SF Chapter. He will continue serving as President of Emmy SF TV. He’s also staying in the Bay Area. 

Freedman chaired the Awards Committee for many years and had the opportunity to work closely with Jarosz.  “We’re glad Brooks is staying with the Academy,” said Freedman. “He continues to bring strength, integrity, and guidance.” Freedman now serves as a member of the National Awards Committee.

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