New Production Studio Opens in Sacramento Area

By Joyce Mitchell

Warm hugs and friendly smiles made a Sacramento area studio opening especially cozy during a wintry January day. The new Lynx Video Production Studio in Wilton is now open and ready for business. If the event is any indication of the future, magic will be happening in that facility.

Tours were conducted and business cards exchanged. “The mixer was wonderful,” said Lynx Video Production Studio Owner John Linck. “It’s always the people who make it a success.”

Linck draws on decades of broadcasting experience, having worked in Sacramento at KCRA, KOVR and KTXL. He retired as the lead video producer at UC Davis School of Medicine in 2019 and has been devoting his energy to growing Lynx Video Productions.

Kristen Simoes and John Linck

Freelance storyteller Kristen Simoes, who received an Emmy Award in 2021 for her work, checked out the studio for possible upcoming voice over and video projects. Simoes is a part-time general assignment reporter and fill-in anchor at NBC Affiliate KCRA 3. She also produces and reports for PBS Station KVIE.

Also supporting the kick-off was KFBK Afternoon News Anchor Kitty O’Neal. In addition to being a successful radio personality, she’s also lead singer of an original rock band called Skyler’s Pool. She and musician Rob Urbino AKA Robert Urban struck up a conversation during the opening that segued into discussions about music video production.

Robert Urbino, Kitty O’Neal and Joyce Mitchell
John Linck and Robert Urbino

Urbino and O’Neal shared band music videos during the mixer. Urbino’s band is called Robert Urban and the Legend. He and O’Neal, who both perform original music, brainstormed future collaborations.

Clearly, fun and work intersected. “I was excited checking out the audio recording studio,” said Urbino. “It provides yet another opportunity for people like me who are looking to generate original music.”

 As for Linck, he’s right in step. “The goal for the studio is to continue creating educational videos and start producing music video productions,” said Linck.

Visitors indulged in delicious hors d’ oeuvres provided by Linck’s talented wife Margie Tose. She makes a spectacular carrot cake known throughout Sacramento area restaurants. It was served up and raved about during the studio opening.

Then a whole one came out as a surprise raffle gift. Lucky Connie Reichert. She won the drawing and packed home that delightful delicacy. An entire, magnificent carrot cake! What a sweet way to end a marvelous afternoon.

Margie Tose, Connie, Reichert, John Linck (Margie made the cake – sold in Sac restaurants)

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