Nominations for the 2021-2022 NATIONAL STUDENT PRODUCTION AWARDS Announced

The NATAS SF/NorCal Chapter submitted 18 regional recipients of excellence to the National Student Production Awards, and 16 (89%) were nominated.
The Foundation of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced the nominees for the 2022 National Student Production Awards. Nominees were selected from high school student entries across the country in 25 programming and craft categories.
“The EMMY® Awards are the ‘gold standard’ in the television broadcast industry – recognizing the very best of the best,” said Terry O’Reilly, Chairman, NATAS. “Similarly, our National Student Production Awards recognize the very best from our industry’s next generation of media creators and leaders. The work they’re doing today promises an amazing future ahead – for them, and for the entire television community.”
“The work created by our nominees is exemplary,” said Danielle Mannion, Education Chair, NATAS. “Each year the students and their teachers raise the bar of excellence higher. The future of the industry looks bright with these talented individuals leading the way!”
“Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter (18 nominations), San Francisco/Northern California Chapter (16 nominations), and Suncoast Chapter (15 nominations) lead the pack in this year’s national competition,” said SF/NorCal Education Chair Toby Momtaz. “Our chapter is honored that the work of our talented high school students has been acknowledged in this way.”
This year’s submissions were successfully culled from over 2,000 entries from the regional chapters of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Entries were judged by selected industry professionals and media academics.
The 2022 National Student Production Award recipients will be announced November 17, 2022, beginning at 10am (PT) via a web stream produced by NATAS. This and all NATAS ceremonies are available on NATAS’ dedicated viewing platform powered by Vimeo, available on the web at Watch.TheEmmys.TV and via The Emmys® apps for iOS, tvOS, Android, FireTV, Roku and Samsung TV (full list at
Following are the nominees for the National Student Awards from the SF/NorCal chapter:
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Buchanan High School, Clovis – “BNN 2022”
Lucille Malcolm, Producer; Gabriel Munro, Producer/Anchor/Camera/Editor; Rylee Gonzales, Producer/Anchor/Writer; Kelton Oliver, Ellianna Sandoval, Reporters; Daniel Hall, Reporter/Camera/Editor; Parker Wyatt, Alejandro Piedra Granados, Makayla Wyckoff, Camera/Editors; Phoenix Sadler, Ray Williams, Editors; Daniel Pearce, Advisor
Fiction – Short Form
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Moanalua High School – “Pan de Vida”
Sara Brekke, Leigh Antoinette Medina, Producers; Caydie Furutani, Actress; Mark Ikenaga, Advisor
Fiction – Long Form
NATIONAL NOMINEE: El Diamante High School Media Arts Academy – “Come Home”
Avery Hazard, Kevin Lau, Noah Lillywhite, Kai Willey, Samuel Zurek, Producers; Ellie Hebert, Advisor
Sports Story or Segment
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Whitney High School WCTV19 – “Punching Her Fears Away”
Makena Locsin, Reporter; Alyssa Eimer, Photographer; Ben Barnholdt, Advisor
Public Service Announcement (PSA)
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Franklin High School – “Johnny”
 Marcus Farrar, Writer/Director/Animator; Brad Clark, Advisor
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Buchanan High School, Clovis – “Amanda Rogers Photography”
Rylee Gonzales, Gabriel Munro, Producers; Daniel Pearce, Advisor
Animation/Graphics/Special Effects
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Whitney High School WCTV19 – “Shawn Singh Reel”
Shawn Singh, Graphic Artist; Ben Barnholdt, Advisor
NATIONAL NOMINEE: El Diamante High School Media Arts Academy – “Come Home”
Noah Lillywhite, Audio; Avery Hazard, Foley; Ellie Hebert, Advisor
NATIONAL NOMINEE: El Diamante High School Media Arts Academy – “Come Home”
Kai Willey, Director; Ellie Hebert, Advisor
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Tamalpais High School, Academy of Integrated Humanities and New Media (AIM) – “The Letter”
Cameraman Ford, Director; Mike Goldstein, Mike Lavezzo, Sharilyn Scharf, Advisors
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Moanalua High School – “Forever”
Sara Brekke, Editor; Mark Ikenaga, Advisor
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Buchanan High School, Clovis – “Boboland”
Braden Estes, Director of Photography; Levi Hull, Camera Operator; Daniel Pearce, Advisor
NATIONAL NOMINEE: El Diamante High School Media Arts Academy – “Come Home”
Kevin Lau, Sam Zurek, Cinematographers; Ellie Hebert, Advisor
Talent – News or Sports
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Whitney High School WCTV19 – “Ken Munoz Reel”
Ken Munoz, On Air Talent; Ben Barnholdt, Advisor
Talent Performer
NATIONAL NOMINEE: Moanalua High School – “Forever”
Leigh Antoinette Medina, Talent; Mark Ikenaga, Advisor
NATIONAL NOMINEE: El Diamante High School Media Arts Academy – “Come Home” 
Kai Willey, Writer; Ellie Hebert, Advisor
Mark your calendars Thursday, November 17, 2022 – 10am (PT) Watch.TheEmmys.TV