They're tenacious, they're daring, they're soaking wet...

By Larena Baldazo
Emmy SF Marketing Chair

If you’ve been able to keep track of the storm coverage which seemed to intensify after the New Year, you can thank a journalist. When the community is directed to stay home, they are out in the field, to gather info to keep us all updated about flooding, evacuations, closed roads and so much more. 

Here’s a glimpse of what some folks’ experiences have been like, at home and out in the field. 

NBC Bay Area’s Marcus Washington teamed up with the City of Oakland to do some damage control, in the end he says it’s minimal compared to what other folks have experienced. 

NBC Bay Area’s Janelle Wang had a muddy start to the New Year, but we’re pleased to confirm that restoration is in progress! 

After multiple days of heavy rain in the Northstate, neighborhood streets flooded and drainage ditches filled up with more than a foot of water. ABC 7 KRCR’s, Mason Carroll, went out to show road conditions and reveal how nearby businesses were impacted. 

Click on the image to the left to view Carroll in action.  

KTVU cameraman, Jorge Bustos, “took one for the team” as he slid down a muddy section within a path, Brooks Jarosz was holding an interview on. The frame and camera remained impressively intact! 

NBC Bay Area’s Kris Sanchez and team cover some downed trees and power outages in the area.