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News About the 49th Annual Northern California Area Emmy® Awards

By Wayne Freedman
Awards Chair 

Nominations announced on the website, Wednesday, May 6th at 8 am.

Emmy® Awards Presentation – Saturday, June 6th

The Gala Committee continues to plan for a dinner, show & webcast at the Union Square Hilton on Saturday, June 6.  If San Francisco is still on lockdown, we will hold the event on as a webcast only. Stay tuned! Many of you have asked if the COVID-19 pandemic will impact this year’s Emmy® Awards program and presentations. As of now, we do not have all of the answers.

But, count on this…

Come hell or a high fever, we will have an awards show on June 6th. “As planned at the San Francisco Hilton?” you ask.

“We hope,” is our answer. Event producer Julie Watts and the Awards Committee are still planning for a dinner show and webcast. That remains our first preference.

However, we’re sensitive to how nobody wants to pick up an Emmy® Award and the Coronavirus on the same night. So, if San Francisco remains in a lockdown, look for a program online. You’ll be able to participate at home while drinking champagne on your couch.

We’ll tell you more about our plans as soon as we know which way we’re headed. Between now and then, please mark your calendars for May 6th, when we announce nominations.

Best of luck to all of you in the Emmys®, and especially in your health.

Wayne Freedman, Awards Chair

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