Fresno Region Hosts NATAS Board Meeting & Member Mixer!

Saturday morning, November 9, Chapter Vice President of Fresno, Richard Harmelink hosted the NATAS Board meeting at his station, KFSN ABC30 Fresno.

Governors hold meetings on the second Saturday of each month. Usually these meetings are chaired in a Bay Area location. In November, Governors convened mid-state for a change.

Kim Stephens, KMPH Fox 26 Fresno anchor, and Chapter President Steve Shlisky took a tour of KFSN ABC30 led by Richard Harmelink, station photojournalist.

Chapter President Steve Shlisky made the 175 mile trip from his Oakland home. “It’s great to get out of the Bay Area and see the other regions.” Shlisky adds: “We are the most diverse of the 19 chapters, from Hawaii to Reno, from the Oregon border to right here in the middle of the state. We also represent Guam. We should hold more meetings outside of San Francisco.”

After the two-hour meeting, Harmelink led the Board on a station tour.


Later that afternoon, Fresno Governors hosted the “NATAS Fresno Member Mixer” at Sam’s Italian Deli and Market.

NATAS SF/NorCal Executive Director Darryl Compton welcomes attendees to the Member Mixer at Sam’s Italian Deli in Fresno.

“It was like a Fresno industry reunion!” said Membership Chair Patty Zubov.  “Governors, members, and guests of members from all areas of the Chapter had a chance to meet, network and laugh with Fresno professionals. A lot of fun.”

Many attendees won door prizes, and everyone took home fantastic goody bags.

Thank you Fresno!

Kopi Sotiropulos, KMPH Fox 26 Fresno anchor, selects his door prize.

“The Fresno Five” – Governors (L-R): Raul Lima, Regional VP Richard Harmelink, Lexi Sisk, Kim Stephens, Jose Muñoz.

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