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Bubbly Half-Off Discount Available Through July

By Patty Zubov
Chapter Membership Chair

This year’s Emmy® Awards Virtual Gala livestream on Saturday, June 6 was especially festive thanks to Sonoma winery Chateau St. Jean.

Cheers! Patty Zubov and husband video editor Boris Zubov toast a successful Emmy® Virtual Gala!

They offered the chapter 50% off their Blanc de Blanc and Rosé sparkling wines. Bottles delivered to our homes before the show allowed us to celebrate big with family and friends – having bubbly at hand to sip as we SIP!  We could see many of the nominees who joined us in the VIP Zoom Room had donned gowns and tuxes. (Perhaps in slippers, but feeling special just the same.)

tux and gown

Elegantly dressed viewing party seen in the Nominee VIP Zoom Room – Tyler Denevi of NBC Sports Bay Area celebrates his second Emmy® of the evening.






Chateau St Jean

blanc de blanc wine Chateau St. JeanChateau St. Jean wants the party to continue.
They have extended the half-off discount through July 31, on three bottles of more. Taste both the Blanc de Blanc AND the Rosé… Congratulate yourself… Send a bottle to Emmy® Award recipients… Stock up for future triumphs… The real deal is ordering 6 bottles – shipping drops to $1.

Normally NATAS perks are for members only – but Chateau St. Jean says this discount code can be shared with ALL friends of NATAS.

Chateau St Jean

  • Chateau St. Jean Sparkling Blanc de Blanc $25.00 $12.50
  • Chateau St. Jean Sparkling Rosé $25.00 $12.50
  • Shipping for 3-5 bottles: $20
  • Shipping for 6+ bottles: $1

Order at CHATEAU ST. JEAN – Our Wines – Collections – All Wines Catalog page
Scroll DOWN to the bottom of the page for both the Blanc de Blanc and Rosé selections.
Post-Gala special is order 3 or more to get half-off. Can mix and match.

Thanks to
Beth SchnitzerSpritz Marketing
Russell CraigieRyan SathreChateau St. Jean
David Perry, David Perry & Associates

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