51st Northern California Area EMMY® AWARDS

By Wayne Freedman
National Trustee & Awards Chair

We have arrived at that time when we look back at our best work and consider what to enter in the Emmy Awards.

This year, The National Academy made significant changes to its Call for Entries. It created new categories and strengthened competitive guidelines for submissions and qualifications. We now have the possibility for more awards while also enhancing the value of a statuette.

As always, you are responsible for following all rules and instructions when submitting. This has never been more relevant because of the changes.  We ask you to be familiar with them when submitting your entries.

The National Awards Committee recognizes that our members often perform multiple roles in the work they submit. Still, chapters must abide by long-standing double-dipping rules. “No entrant may be recognized more than once for performing the same job function for the same content.”

In the past, entrants submitted duplicate work in crafts and then in news/programming categories by describing themselves as a producer. This year, The Academy has set a higher bar with more specific language. Now, to qualify as a producer, an entrant must have performed the majority of these functions:

1.) Serving as an overseer of the content, determining overall tone, structure, look, sound, and mission of the content.

2.) Make strategic editorial decisions that have a significant impact on the resulting content.

3.) Identify interview subjects and shoot locations.

4.) Schedule interviews, shoots, and edits.

5.) Writing and/or approving scripts.

6.) Formulating ideas for graphics/animations and working with designers through completion.

7.) Working with editors and designers to assure the content meets expectations

8.) For studio-based programs or content, the producer would generally fulfill much of the above and/or oversee control room decisions, timing, etc.

Further, Executive Producers and management personnel (such as News Directors) are not eligible for Emmy® statuettes unless directly involved in the hands-on production of the work submitted. Those who serve in a managerial or supervisory role only should not be listed on the entry. To be considered, Executive Producers, General Managers, News Directors, or other management personnel must have directly participated in the execution of the video. In such cases, a written request outlining the person’s involvement should be submitted via email to the Chapter’s awards committee for approval.

This year’s categories divide short and long-form content.  However, you will need to support those categories. The Academy has a mission to award excellence, but it also wants spirited competition. To that end, The Academy now requires a minimum number of entries in every category:

“In the event that entries in a category fall below a range of (4) to (9), Chapters would have the option of eliminating or merging the category with another. If a category is merged, entrants would have the option of dropping out of the competition and receiving a refund of their entry fees.”

The Awards Committee hopes to avoid such circumstances. It will consider these decisions on a category-by-category basis.

When creating, adding, deleting, separating, or combining categories, we want to assure that anyone doing Emmy Award quality work has a place to submit it and be recognized. We honored that goal in adopting the following changes.

Both the Spanish and English contests offer short and long-form submissions in this new and timely category.

SOCIETAL CONCERNS: We have refined the definition of Societal Concerns, making it more of a catch-all category for material that might not otherwise find a home.   “This category is intended for serious subject matter not already covered by other existing categories including Business/Consumerism, Education, Medical,  Environment/Science, and Politics/Government.”

We included Politics/Government in Societal Concerns, last year. Now, we have created a separate category for that material, with short and long-form options in the Spanish and English contests.

CHILDREN/YOUTH OR TEEN: In the English contest, we added this category with short and long-form options.

SPORTS PROMOTION: In English, we added a separate new category for Sports Promotions. The News and Program categories remain. Those three distinct genres now have three contests.

GRAPHIC ARTS: New category in the English contest.



The Call For Entries now includes sections with a Glossary of Terms and Reminder Notes.

Please consult them.

We request you to double-check for double-dipping. The Call explains this in detail, but put simply, you cannot receive two awards for doing the same job function in one production.

We want you to avoid the reprocessing fee.

In composite entries, please separate each cut with one second of black, and list the original date of air on the entry form for each of the lifted cuts. You will find more specifics in The Call.

If you have questions, please reach out to members of the Awards Committee. We know the rules can be complicated. We’re anxious and ready to help.

We wish you the best of luck with your submissions, this year. We especially look forward to seeing you in person, finally!


Visit the Awards Page for more information

NOTE: Your SF/NorCal NATAS membership must be paid through 2022 prior to completing the Emmy® entry form to receive the member rate.

51st Annual Northern California Area
Emmy® Awards

Nominations Announced
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
8AM on the Website

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Hilton San Francisco Union Square


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