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From Central Valley Univision to Anchor in the Windy City

By Joyce Mitchell
Sacramento Region Vice President

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Raul Delgado Accepts Weekend Sports Anchor Gig in Chicago

Recently, on his 31st birthday, after working six years at Univision Fresno as sports talent and part-time anchor and full-time multi-media journalist, Raul Delgado announces he’s leaving the station, bound for Telemundo in Chicago. Delgado is passionate about story-telling with his heart solidly planted in sports reporting.

While in Fresno, Delgado earned an Emmy® Award for his coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. FIFA is the governing body of world soccer. Before heading to the Central Valley, Delgado worked as a multimedia journalist at Entravision Communications in Las Vegas.

Delgado is diligent about establishing effective working relationships with sources and monitoring developing stories. For a couple of years while at KFTV Univision in Fresno, he worked as a full-time sports anchor and reporter. After some business restructuring, he was reassigned as a video journalist.

“His energetic attitude has earned him a place in the hearts of people at our station,” said Fresno Univision Technical Director and NATAS/SF/NorCal Governor Raul Lima. “We not only appreciate his aptitude for story-telling but also his energetic attitude.”

Lima said that he is happy for Delgado. “For him, working sports is like a fish comfortably swimming in water,” said Lima. “He will be sorely missed.”

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