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Activities & Programs Committee: A New Look

By Steve Shlisky

Activities & Programs Chair


On August 8, the local Board of Governors approved my appointment by Chapter President Randy Forsman  to chair the Activities & Programs committee. This committee has languished in the last few years and needed some new energy. At an initial meeting with the new committee, members kicked around some ideas. Here is what we worked on in the last month. Take a look and let us know what you think:

If you like these new features and want to help us plan what you, the members, want in the future, then fill out this survey. This will be a tremendous help in planning future activities.

We are also updating our Chapter’s Standing Rules as it applies to this committee.

ACTIVITIES/PROGRAM COMMITTEE. The Activities/Program Committee shall be responsible for planning and coordinating activities and programs for the Chapter and its members, including but not limited to mixers (such as luncheons, dinners, receptions, testimonial, or tributes) workshops, seminars, lectures, discussions. Where appropriate these activities and programs will be recorded and placed on the local chapter website. Further the committee will assist in the production of audio and/or video content for the other Northern California Chapter Committees. The committee will also poll the other 18 regional chapters for content of interest to our local members and make our local content available to the other chapters.

  • CINEMA CLUB.  The Cinema Club subcommittee oversees the monthly movie screenings, seeks partners to defray costs of the screenings and solicits passes and discounts for member screenings throughout the Chapter’s territory.  
  • TECHNOLOGY.  The Technology subcommittee oversees specific programs and events relating to the changing technology of our industry.

Activities & Programs Chair Steve Shlisky

Activities and Programs committee members: Susan Bradley, Richard Harmelink, Nazy Javid, Mike Moya, Don Sanchez, Stephanie Sierra, and Cory Smith

If you have any comments, suggestions, critiques, improvements or to join our committee please email me:




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