Welcome to the off camera blog!

By Larena Baldazo

Marketing Chair

Off Camera has been a special member benefit for almost 60 years, so the idea of changing the monthly digital (can’t forget award-winning!) newsletter into a blog raised some eyebrows.

What would this look like?

How will our members be notified when a post goes up? 

 All of these concerns were valid, and I am relieved to have been met with more support than concern. As with any change, it is only right to need clarity about what to expect. 

The goal of this blog is to deliver the same behind-the-scenes content you have always trusted us to cover, but in real-time and on our new blog page. Blog posts will be published to the site and shared to social media, and at the beginning of the month, you will receive an email from us, recapping new posts.   

The blog is long overdue, and I could not have launched this without the support of our Chapter President, Brooks Jarosz, Executive Director, Darryl Compton and our executive team. Our regular contributors (and some new!) have also been instrumental in the progress of the new blog, as well as Frontera Interactive

As Emmy® SF’s Marketing Chair and Off Camera Publisher, I want you to know that your stories are what keeps this newsletter/blog going. I want to hear from you, and I encourage you to share your latest project with us, an update about your advocacy journey or any new passions you have developed as a NATAS member, governor, media student, or chair. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the more voices there are, the more truth there is, and we learn and grow by sharing ideas and information. Let’s empower one another to do just that as media professionals in the SF Bay Area.  

The world sees what you are sharing on camera, let’s showcase the behind-the-scenes tidbits for this community.  

To submit a story, please email your submission in a Word document to Lhernandez@email.jfku.edu and attach photos. Please do include any captions needed, the title/headline and byline. Submissions will not be considered outside of this format, and you can learn more about our content requirements here. Remember, content from the blog will also be shared on social media, and with members in an email blast, at the beginning of each month.

To read past issues of Off Camera, click here. To learn more about me, Larena Baldazo, Marketing Chair and Off Camera Publisher, click here.