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Mentor Match Program Launches to Help Members Strengthen Skills

Brooks Jarosz
NATAS Mentor Match Subcommittee Chair
KTVU Investigative Reporter

One of the biggest complaints among television professionals, especially in this hybrid, socially-distanced world we’re living in, is a lack of acknowledgement, praise or constructive criticism. NATAS SF/NorCal is aiming to fix that through its new and improved mentorship program, launching this October.

Mentor Match pairs eager, quick-learning, determined professionals who strive to become better in their field with seasoned, passionate, talented peers who want to give back. Often a smaller market member will be matched with a larger market professional.

A pilot program took place last year leading to successful results including award-winning stories and even job offers.

Brooks Jarosz, Investigative Reporter, KTVU Fox 2As a NATAS Board of Governors’ member, I took part in that pilot and have since been energized to expand and lead the Mentor Match program, encouraging others to take part.

Mentees benefit by getting professional critiques, suggestions for improvement, and ongoing training. Mentors are able to network and reinvigorate their own skills by watching, listening, talking and teaching.

This is a valuable opportunity for all of us. No one wants to be the professional who picks up bad habits. And experienced professional shouldn’t be phoning it in or just collecting a paycheck.

Think about our industry and what we do. We bring people critical information. We share unique, engaging content. We improve and change lives.

Now is a chance to do your part for those within our chapter begging to learn – elevating the people, stories and skills we reward with the coveted Emmy® Award.

NATAS is actively recruiting both mentors and mentees – this starts by filling out a questionnaire. After that, matches are made based on needs and wishes incorporating all chosen fields including photographers, producers, writers, on-camera talent, and even marketing, sales or management.

Schedules can be hectic and in-person meetings can be challenging, which is why the mentor and mentee can decide where, when and how often they’d like to connect.

Participation lasts six months and will conclude with a short feedback form to improve and build the program.

I seriously hope you’ll consider sharpening your skills or assisting others in our industry in doing the same.


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